Northern Safety gives you the Edge™ in 2012

Northern Safety is excited to offer the durable and stylish line of Edge™ safety glasses in 2012. These comfortable, versatile eyeglasses come in two different styles, with a variety of lenses to suit any employee's tastes while delivering protection from common workplace hazards.

Employers can provide Edge™ safety eyewear to reduce workplace injury risks and give workers a modern, sporty look they will appreciate. The Dakura glasses offer a cool wraparound frame that includes soft pliable rubber temples for fitted, no-slip wear. Dakura lenses are coated to resist scratches and are available in clear, clear anti-fog, clear anti-reflective, polarized, and smoke. Additional lens tints include amber and yellow. Mirrored lenses are available in rose, silver, or blue. Aqua Precision blue mirrored polarized lenses help block reflected light from below and glare from above, maximizing clarity and eliminating glare.

Reclus eyewear features a lightweight, nylon frame with a soft nosepiece to fit any worker without slipping. Lenses are available in a variety of tints and colors, including clear anti-reflective, smoke, polarized gradient, blue light filter copper driving, and blue or silver mirrored. The Reclus is also available with red mirrored Aqua Precision lenses that block infrared light and reduce excess red and blue light from the opposite ends of the spectrum for great contrast and clarity in bright light conditions.

All Edge™ Dakura and Reclus glasses have been designed to comply with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, offering an ideal safety option for employers across the country.

Edge™ safety glasses can protect workers and help them maintain focus on their work.

Keep employees seeing clearly and safely with Edge™ safety glasses.

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