Avoid hydrogen sulfide exposure with an economical gas detector

Take a proactive approach to workplace safety with the fully serviceable Honeywell ToxiPro™ - H2S, a reusable gas detector that instantly alerts to the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas.

This portable gas detector is an economical choice for any business, and records readings for up to 9,000 hours. The lightweight, 3.5 oz Honeywell ToxiPro™ - H2S features a loud two-tone audio alarm, and three, high-visibility visual alarms that immediately warn workers of dangerous gas levels. Measuring only 3.3" x 2.2" x 1.2", the ToxiPro™ offers real–time, peak, STEL, and TWA readings, and is ideal for use in chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and steel and metals industries.

Gas instrumentation detectors and monitors ensure worker safety, and with the ToxiPro's™ "black box" recorder, employees can easily track readings. The detector's one-button calibration and 20-incident logger make it simple for users to monitor previous gas levels. With a replaceable battery and sensor, this gas detector eliminates costly replacements of the whole unit for low cost, economical use. 

Help alert workers to hazardous gases in the workplace by purchasing the Honeywell ToxiPro™ - H2S. 

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