Polyethylene shoe covers can limit wear and tear of shoes and boots

Employees entering dirty, grimy areas often need protection for their clothing.  NS® ActivGARD® Disposable Polyethylene Shoe Covers are an economical solution to protect workers' footwear from dirt, grime, and liquid spills.

NS® ActivGARD Disposable Polyethylene Shoe Covers are ideal for light duty use and can be used to protect floors from scuffs and heel marks, and carpets from foot traffic dirt as employees complete daily work. Providing workers with polyethylene shoe covers can also help prevent tracking dirt and grime as workers move from one area into another. Disposable shoe covers combine comfort, flexibility, and protection for footwear. These covers are lightweight and low-linting with an elastic opening that offers a self-adjusting, snug fit and easy-on, easy-off.

Convenient, 3 mil anti-static safety apparel is available in two sizes to fit most workers. These affordable safety products are manufactured in an ISO 9002 Registered Facility.

Improve workplace safety and protect workers' footwear with NS® ActivGARD® Disposable Polyethylene Shoe Covers.

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