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Help reduce workplace hand injuries with premium rubber palm coated work gloves

Handling rough objects without a secure grip can cause problems for workers. Ruf-flex® Premium Rubber Palm Coated Work Gloves from Northern Safety offer a solution. These rugged gloves ensure a great grip and can help reduce hand injuries.

Ruf-flex® Premium Rubber Palm Coated Work Gloves feature a textured rubber coating, allowing employees to maintain a strong grip on heavy equipment and materials. Workers can wear these gloves to keep their hands safe while performing a variety of tasks. The rubber palm and cotton-knit shell provide all-day hand protection that keeps employees comfortable and safe.

Employers can increase safety with these work gloves while reducing hand strain, scrapes, and abrasions. Ensuring hand safety remains a top concern in many work environments, and Ruf-flex® work gloves provide a safety option that suits workers' needs in construction, material handling, maintenance, and farming industries.

Improve workers' hand protection with Ruf-flex® Premium Rubber Palm Coated Work Gloves from Northern Safety.

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