Get outstanding protection with heavy-duty grade leather gloves

Hand protection plays an important part in reducing workplace risks and improving employees' safety. NS® heavy-duty grade work gloves with double leather palms and safety cuffs to protect workers' hands in a varierty of industries.

These gloves combine safety and comfort, offering employees protection that will help maintain productivity. The NS® Heavy-Duty Grade Double Leather Palm Work Gloves with Safety Cuffs include a gunn pattern, wing thumb, leather fingertips, index finger, and knuckle strap for superior protection and durability. They feature an elasticized fabric back, rubberized safety cuff, and a two-tone double palm design that alerts workers to replace the gloves when the leather wears thin.

Ideal for farming, construction, metal working, and other heavy-duty work environments, these work gloves will withstand rugged conditions.

Improve workplace safety with durable, double leather palm hand protection from NS®.

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