Updated locomotive safety standards announced by DOT

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced on April 9, 2012, that a final locomotive safety rule had been cleared that eliminates unnecessary regulatory burdens, increases the use of new technologies and merges current industry and engineering best practices.

"Safety is our top priority," said LaHood. "This rule will help improve safety and working conditions while also providing significant regulatory relief to the railroad industry."

The final rule will bring the Federal Railroad Administration's (FRA's) safety regulatory program for locomotive operations up to date by merging a number of regulations and addressing technological advancements. Certain aspects of the current rule had not been updated in the last 30 years - a period in which technology, industry, and best practices continued to progress.

The new rule addresses the design, operation, inspection, testing, maintenance, repair, and record-keeping for locomotive mechanical and electrical components, and also touches on safety appliances and control systems.

Workers in train yards are exposed to a number of hazards, including proximity to large, moving parts and heavy machinery. Protect railroad workers from these hazards by providing quality safety products, such as work gloves and high-visibility safety vests. 

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