Traffic Incident Management Systems study completed by USFA, FHA

The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) and the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHA) in partnership with the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) have updated the 2008 edition of the Traffic Incident Management Systems (TIMS) manual based on the results of a new study.

The survey analyzed current traffic incident management practices and policies, giving the 2012 edition of the manual the most up-to-date technical information and training programs in traffic incident management for emergency responders.

"Effective traffic incident management can enhance roadway safety for firefighters and other emergency responders of which too many have been killed on duty from being struck by vehicles," said U.S. Fire Administrator Ernest Mitchell. "The USFA was pleased to work with the DOT Federal Highway Administration and IFSTA towards reducing this number."

The study included research on effective roadway operations and safety, including roadway high-visibility safety vests and other safety products, distancing of roadway warning signs, appropriate emergency vehicle warning lighting, and safety training.

"We're committed to enhancing the safety of firefighters and emergency responders working on our nation's roadways," said Victor Mendez, Federal Highway Administrator. "We must provide for the safety of these men and women who act selflessly to risk their lives to protect and assist the motoring public."

The new manual includes incident command and safety survival basics for roadway incidents, case studies of roadway incidents that have resulted in emergency responder fatalities, and examples of traffic incident management programs that have been effective.

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