Enhance workplace safety with one of the smallest fall limiters available

Offer greater versatility with the Honeywell Scorpion™ Personal Fall Limiter with Carabiner and Swivel Shackle. The Scorpion™ PFL attaches directly to a harness D-ring for use as a personal fall limiter, and can also be used as a traditional retractable lifeline.

The Miller by Honeywell Personal Fall Limiter with Carabiner & Swivel Shackle features a new locking snap hook that meets 3,600 lb. gate strength and identification requirements. This PFL includes a fast-acting, high strength stainless steel braking system which stops free falls within inches. In addition, the 9' web lifeline requires less fall clearance, and helps reduce tripping hazards. The built-in swivel prevents twisting.

Lightweight, 2.94 pound unit deploys a flag to indicate when it has been involved in a fall and should be removed from service. No annual factory recertification is required for the Scorpion™ and it complies with OSHA, ANSI, and CSA standards.

Effective fall protection plans, training, and equipment help to limit the risk of workplace injuries and workers will appreciate the quality and reliability of the lightweight, versatile Scorpion™ as part of their safety equipment.

Deliver enhanced workplace safety with the Miller by Honeywell Scorpion™ Personal Fall Limiter with Carabiner and Swivel Shackle. 

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