Hard hat helps protect workers

Protect workers with confidence by providing the NS® Power Shell® Adjustable Hard Hat with Pinlock Suspension. This cap style hard hat delivers high-quality head protection, while giving companies the opportunity to maintain workplace safety and keep their safety budget under control.

NS® Power Shell® Adjustable Hard Hat with Pinlock Suspension is lightweight and comfortable, and features a rugged polypropylene shell to help provide excellent head protection to workers. It includes a low profile design with comfortable 4-point suspension, a soft, absorbent, replaceable cotton brow pad with cushion pillows, and two front and two rear height adjustments to further ensure workers' comfort.

Safety products that work well in a variety of weather conditions can be difficult to find, and companies can help workers manage tasks during inclement weather thanks to this head protection's rain trough. In addition, the convenient accessory slots allow the use of cap mount ear muffs, communication devices, faceshields, and more. This Power Shell® hard hat complies with ANSI Z89.1 standards Type I, Class E and G standards, and features cushion pillows where ratchet housing rests to help provide extra comfort.

Protect workers from falling objects and exposed pipes or beams, with the NS® Power Shell® - excellent head protection at a great price. 

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