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Offer great protective clothing for warm work environments

Disposable, durable safety clothing doesn't get any better than NS® ActivGARD® 100 General Purpose Standard White Coveralls. A consistent top seller, these coveralls offer a comfortable option to protect against particulates in a variety of work environments. 

NS® ActivGARD® 100 General Purpose Standard White Disposable Coveralls are ideal for all-day wear, and wick away perspiration by allowing air and water vapors to easily pass through the breathable, SMS fabric. The coveralls resist abrasion and tearing, and have sewn seams. A generous fitting design ensures movement and reduces blowouts, and the full-length, two-way zipper is equipped with a cover flap to help keep out dirt, dust, and debris. They are manufactured in an ISO 9002 Registered facility, and provide an excellent option for companies seeking affordable, high-quality protective clothing.

Provide safety products such as these NS® ActivGARD® 100 General Purpose Standard White Disposable Coveralls to help workers handle many different tasks, including light manufacturing, fiberglass handling, general maintenance, assembly applications, and glue and paint spraying.

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