Alert oncoming traffic with this triangle kit

Provide drivers with a Highway Traffic Safety Warning Triangle Kit for use in the event of a breakdown, flat tire, or accident while on the road.

This Highway Traffic Safety Warning Triangle Kit helps alert oncoming traffic to vehicles stopped along a roadside for an emergency. This kit includes three warning triangles that quickly and easily unfold from a weighted tubular base, and the air-flow design reduces resistance to wind. Each triangle features sturdy wire bracing to control the degree of tilt, even in severe wind conditions. Plus, non-slip foam pads reduce sliding, making the kit perfect for use in various weather conditions. All triangles conveniently store away in a heavy-duty plastic case.

Companies can help protect workers and oncoming drivers with this safety equipment that meets MUTCD, DMC, and FMVSS 125 requirements.

Increase safety for drivers with an Emergency Warning Triangle Kit – an excellent addition to every driver's on-the-road safety kit.

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