Protect workers from falls with self-retracting lanyard

The tough, lightweight MSA Aptura™ LT30 Self-Retracting 30' Lanyard helps avoid inconsistent lock-ups that employees might experience with other SRLs.

This lanyard can help safeguard employees who need to perform tasks at heights. MSA Aptura™ Self-Retracting 30' Fall Protection Lanyard with 1" Steel Carabiner & LS Snap Hook has lightweight, thermoplastic housing and quickly self retracts. It has a 400 lb. working capacity and a 30' lifeline, giving workers greater maneuverability in work environments.

This fall protection lanyard includes a carabiner and an integral load indicator, allowing employers to know when it needs to be removed from service. The lanyard meets ANSI and OSHA standards, and no annual factory recertification is necessary.

With the MSA Aptura™ LT30 Self-Retracting 30' Lanyard, companies can help lighten workers' loads and protect them when they complete projects at high elevations. 

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