Honeywell Eyesaline® eye wash station is perfect in emergency situations

Increase response to emergencies with this easy to set up Honeywell Eyesaline® Emergency Eye Wash Station. Ideal for flushing out dust, pollen, saw dust, smoke, and more, it also serves as a great short-term treatment for employees on their way to a primary eye wash station or waiting for emergency medical services to arrive.

This eye wash station is highly visible and ideal for a variety of industries, including agriculture, construction, food services, oil and gas, steel, welding, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and laboratories. It is made of high-impact plastic and has full emergency instructions on its front panel. Honeywell Eyesaline® Emergency Eye Wash Station with Single 32 oz. Bottle offers a buffered, isotonic saline solution that is sterile and superior to tap water.

The 32 oz. bottle has a tamper-resistant, twist-off tab that employees can easily remove in emergencies and the extended flow nozzle provides a longer flow. The emergency eye wash solution is contained in an FDA-grade polyethylene bottle designed for emergencies. Replacement refill bottles item# 1113, sold separately.

Equip facilities and worksites with this portable, ready to use emergency eye wash station from Honeywell Eyesaline®.

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