Avenger® safety glasses with Soft-Fit® temples offer protection, comfort, and style

Safeguard workers' eyes from UV rays, debris, flying particles, impact, and more with N-Specs® Avenger® Safety Glasses. The sporty wraparound mirrored lenses and frameless design make these glasses the ones that workers will want to wear.

Dual-color Soft-Fit® temples deliver a snug, non-slip fit to ensure comfortable all day wear. The frameless, lightweight N-Specs® Avenger® Safety Glasses with Mirrored Lens feature impact-resistant polycarbonate wraparound lenses for maximum eye protection and the mirrored lenses shade workers' eyes from bright sunlight.

These safety glasses are manufactured in an ISO 9002 Registered facility and meet ANSI standards.

Choose a cool look in safety glasses that workers will be happy to wear - N-Specs® Avenger® Safety Glasses with Mirrored Lens.

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