Keep gloves close with Glove Guard® holder clip

Give workers the ability to carry their gloves with them on the job. The Glove Guard® clip allows workers to keep gloves within easy reach by attaching to their belt loops or directly to clothing.

The clip can help reduce glove loss and hand injuries by ensuring that protection is readily available. It is completely dielectric and features a 15 pound safety break away. Glove Guard® Glove Holder Clip is ideal for drivers and workers completing tasks at construction sites, manufacturing plants, machine shops, and other workplaces where hand protection is necessary.

This clip weighs only 3/4 oz., measures 4.5" long, and is made of a non-conducive, non-corrosive material that resists flex fatigue and holds its memory. This safety equipment is affordable and can help companies reduce the costs of replacing gloves. 

Allow workers to quickly access hand protection and keep gloves close at hand - with the Glove Guard® clip. 

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