Millions awarded by EPA in research fellowships

On Wednesday November 14, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it had awarded more than $5.3 million in research fellowships to 126 students that were attending college for environmental studies.

The EPA said there were 39 Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) fellows and another 87 Science to Achieve Results (STAR) fellows. The fellows show the agency's commitment to improving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, and the fellowships encourage these students to become leaders in the nation's environmental efforts.

"These fellowship awards enable undergraduate and graduate students all over the country to pursue research and education opportunities that would otherwise be beyond their means," said Dr. Jim Johnson, director of EPA's National Center for Environmental Research. "Many of the fellowship opportunities springboard aspiring scientists and engineers into careers in environmental protection."

The GRO Fellowship program is now in its 30th year, and over the decades has become an important part of helping the U.S. prepare students who are ready to meet the challenges posed by environmental issues.

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