Reminding Workers About Dangers of Lead Exposure to Children

OSHA reminds workers that if you work with lead, you could be bringing this toxic metal home on your shoes, skin, hair, and hands. Take-home lead can cause lead poisoning in children and other family members.

“Far too many Americans are exposed to lead in their workplace,” said Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta. “Finding solutions to better protect these workers and minimize the amount of lead that is taken home, and potentially exposed to children, is a priority.”

Prevent lead from getting into your home and vehicle by following these guidelines from OSHA:

  • Wash your hands often and shower at the end of the work shift
  • Change out of your work clothes and shoes before going home
  • Do not take contaminated work clothing or shoes exposed to lead home. If you must, put them in a plastic bag and wash your work clothes separately
  • Tell your doctor that you work with lead
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