PortaGAS™ 100 PPM/CO, 25% LEL/Pentane, 25 PPM/H2S, 19%/O2, Nitrogen Calibration Gas

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Please Note: Based on quantity ordered, one or more Ground Hazmat Handling Charges will be added to each shipment. We're sorry, we are unable to ship this product by air.

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  • Eliminate the hassle associated with disposing of your empty gas cylinders
  • Reduce your waste and carbon footprint
  • Each PortaGreen gas cylinder comes with a prepaid return-shipping label. Once the cylinder is empty, strip off the shrink-wrap to reveal the return label and hand it off to your shipper

Recycling is easy and convenient:

Step 1: Once the cylinder is empty, it is no longer hazardous. Simply follow the return instructions printed on the cylinder.

Step 2: Remove shrink-wrap containing the outbound shipping labels.

Step 3: Place the empty cylinder into the original shipping container and hand it off to FedEx.

Find out how to recycle your gas cylinders.

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