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Lockout Tagout & Security

Secure great deals on lockout tagout and security products from Northern Safety. Stock up today on LOTO training and compliance materials, padlocks, plug lockout, cable protectors, security mirrors, lockout hasps, tags, and covers. Safety centers, stations, and kits provide added safety for multiple workers. Protect workers with ball, gate, and valve lockouts. Rely on Northern Safety for all your lockout tagout and security needs.

Northern Safety Economical Lockout Safety Kit

As low as $67.95
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NS® Lockout Tagout & Security


Lockout Tagout Kits, Centers & Stations, & Boxes


Security & Lockout Tagout Cables


Plug Lockout Protectors

Lockout Tagout Covers


Key Cabinets & Group Lockout Box


Lockout Tagout Training, Compliance, & Signs