A Guide to Floor Matting

Reduce injuries and liability with safe walking and standing surfaces. Quality industrial floor matting helps to prevent slips and falls, and provides ergonomic support for workers that are required to stand for long periods of time. Increase productivity with durable mats that will give workers sure footing and more comfort while standing.

Conductive or non-conductive floor matting is also available to protect workers and delicate equipment from shocks, while welders appreciate cushioned welding mats that also protect floors.

Choose from a wide variety of commercial floor matting that ensures safety with attractive options for entryways. This matting also protects floors and carpets from dirt and moisture.

Anti-Fatigue Matting
Anti-Fatigue Matting
Standing for extended periods of time places stress on the back, feet, and legs. Anti-fatigue matting is available in mats for smaller areas and in custom lengths for larger areas. Anti-fatigue matting helps to relieve stress and improve productivity.
Anti-Slip Matting
Anti-Slip Matting
Reducing slips and falls is critical in today's workplace. Anti-slip properties are often combined with anti-fatigue features, and this combination ensures ergonomic protection while helping to prevent dangerous falls. In areas where oils, grease, and other fluids accumulate, drainage matting keeps workers' feet above the slippery floor and often provides anti-fatigue properties. Drainage matting can include grit surfaces, modular systems that lock together, and chemical resistant construction.
Entrance Matting
Entrance Matting
Entrance matting offers a variety of textural designs to trap dirt and moisture while providing protection for both users and your floors. Assorted colors allow easy matching to existing lobbies and entrances.
Logo & Safety Message Matting
Logo & Safety Message Matting
Promote your business or get your message across with custom imprinted mats that can showcase your logo or special message about quality, teamwork, and more. It's easy to remind workers with safety and informational messages that are on matting they walk over or stand on everyday. A variety of messages are available, from required safety equipment to recycling trash.
Conductive & Non-Conductive or Switchboard Matting
Conductive & Non-Conductive or Switchboard Matting
Conductive matting protects sensitive equipment from a static discharge from a worker. When used with an anti-static heal grounder or wrist strap and grounding cord, conductive matting eliminates static discharge by draining it from workers to prevent a shock to computers, electrical equipment, or labs and plants with ignition hazards.
Welding Mats
Welding Mats
Matting for welding is engineered to repel sparks and provide anti-fatigue comfort for workers standing during their shifts. Matting surfaces are slip resistant and edges are beveled for added safety.
Mats & Matting Catalog Page Anti- Fatigue Anti- Slip Wet* Grease Proof Welding Safe Floor Systems
3M Nomad™ Carpet Entrance Mats 5000 639 X
Andersen Classic Impressions Logo Mats 640 X
Andersen Comfort Flow Mats 636 X X X X X
Andersen Complete Comfort Mats 636 X X
Andersen Cushion Max Matting 633 X X X
Andersen Cushion Station Mats, With or Without Drainage Holes 637 X X X X X
Andersen Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Matting 632 X X X X
Andersen SuperScrape™ Entrance Mats 641 X X X X
Andersen Waterhog™ Classic Entrance Mats 638 X X
Andersen Waterhog™ ECO Premier & Grand Premier Entrance Mats 638 X X
Apache Mills CleanScrape Entrance Mats 641 X X X
Apache Mills Diamond Weldmaster Matting 643 X X X
Apache Mills Royale Entrance Matting 638 X
Apache Mills Soil Guard® Entrance Mats 641 X
Apache Mills Supreme Slip Tech Matting 632 X X
Crown Comfort King Anti-Fatigue Matting 633 X
Crown Dura-Step™ II Modular Flooring System 634 X X X X X
Crown Tuf-Spun® Foot-Lover™ Mats and Runners 642 X X
NoTrax® Brush Step™ Polypropylene Runner Entry Matting 639 X
NoTrax® Cushion Lok™ Mats 635 X X X X
NoTrax® Cushion-Dek™ Series Mats 635 X X
NoTrax® Cushion-Ease™ Modular Flooring System 635 X X X X X X
NoTrax® Diamond Soft-Tread™ Matting 631 X
NoTrax® Pebble Step Sof-Tred™ Matting 632 X
NoTrax® Switchboard & Control Panel Non-Conductive Matting 643 X
NoTrax® V-Groove Corrugated and Round Rib Runners 642 X
NSI® Diamond Deluxe Soft Foot Matting 631 X X
NSI® Diamond Foot™ Matting 630 X X
NSI® Invigorator™ Anti-Fatigue Matting 631 X
NSI® Marble Foot™ Matting 630 X X
NSI® Plush Tuff™ Olefin Entrance Matting 639 X
NSI® Rib Entrance Matting 639 X
NSI® Safety Drainage Mats 636 X X X X
NSI® Soft Foot™ Matting 633 X X
NSI® Soft Foot™ Pebble Top Matting 633 X X
NSI® Trooper Entry Mats 641 X X
NSI® Ultimate Diamond Foot™ Matting 630 X X
NSI® Work Step Drainage Mats 637 X X X
Vinyl Filament Safety Message Mats 640 X X
Wearwell® ErgoDeck® Flooring System 634 X X
Wearwell® Marbleized Military Switchboard Matting 642 X X X
Wearwell® Rejuvenator® Connect Modular Flooring System 634 X X X
Wearwell® Diamond-Plate SpongeCote™ Matting 630 X X
Wearwell® Electrically Conductive Anti-Fatigue Matting 643 X
Wearwell® Ultrasoft Diamond-Plate Matting 630 X X
Wearwell® Weld Safe Matting 643 X X
Wearwell® Workrite Drainage Mats 637 X X X

OSHA sets out general requirements for walking-working surfaces in 29 CFR 1910.22.

OSHA Safety and Health Topics provides additional information on ergonomics and how to recognize and control related risks.

*Use for applications free of chemicals and oils unless otherwise noted.

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