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Winter driving is a significant hazard for workers

Winter weather is largely to blame for the increased threat of highway and road accidents during the colder months. Workers can be injured during trips to and from a worksite or while carrying out other tasks, so employers should stress the...Read Full Article

Watch out for icy, slippery conditions

It’s January, and for a lot of regions in the US, that means tricky weather conditions. A winter storm forecast from Mother Nature can include sleet, wind, snow, and ice. Ice is great for a hockey game, but presents some problems...Read Full Article

What to Do if Stranded in a Vehicle During the Winter

If your car breaks down or you get a flat tire in cold, snowy weather, you'll likely have concerns about how to keep safe.The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has some guidance.If you’re stranded in a vehicle, stay in the vehicle....Read Full Article

Know How to Stay Safe in Harsh Winter Weather

Winter storms can produce a pretty snowy landscape, but also present potential hazards. Those caught in harsh weather may contend with car accidents, hypothermia, frostbite, and carbon monoxide poisoning from the extreme cold, freezing rain, snow,...Read Full Article

The Importance of Layering Clothing in Cold Environments

Proper layering helps you make the most of your cold weather clothing and prevents dangerous exposure. By helping maintain your core body heat, this strategy is great for not only cold weather months, but also working indoors without heat or in a...Read Full Article

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