Miller® by Honeywell harness and lanyard – a winning combination

For comfortable, effective fall protection, employers can’t beat the Miller® by Honeywell fall protection harness and shock absorbing lanyard combination. The single unit has all the features workers need for superior safety, and it...Read Full Article

Strong, dependable NS® Fall Protection permanent roof anchors

Protect workers from falls with reliable anchor points. NS® permanent roof anchors are engineered to withstand over 5,000 pounds of force without breaking and can be left installed under ridge caps for future use. NS® roof peak anchors are...Read Full Article

Protect workers from falls with NS® shock-absorbing lanyards

Safeguard employees working at heights by providing reliable fall protection that is designed to last – the NS® shock-absorbing lanyard. It is made of durable 1 3/4 inch-thick, abrasion-resistant polyester that resists breaking to 8,500...Read Full Article

Protecta® Rebel™ 420 lb. capacity self-retracting lifeline supports workers and gear

Provide crews with fall protection strong enough to support workers carrying heavy tools. This aluminum-housed Protecta® Rebel™ self-retracting lifeline is equipped with a 33’ galvanized cable and offers a 420-pound capacity can...Read Full Article

Deliver lightweight fall protection with a Protecta® Rebel® self-retracting lifeline

Employees will be confident working at heights when using the Protecta® Rebel® self-retracting lifeline (SRL). This SRL includes a ¾-inch swiveling snap hook, handy carabiner, and a 2.8 lb aluminum housing that makes it the most...Read Full Article

NS® shock-absorbing lanyard offers optimal safety at a great price

This NS® shock-absorbing lanyard offers a double locking snap hook and a rebar snap hook with a 2 ¼- inch gate opening that allows convenient positioning during a wide range of applications that require fall protection. These handy...Read Full Article

Choose NS® Foreman+ full-body harness for outstanding fall protection

A double-stitched back pad, back and side D-rings, and many other features add to the superior fall protection, comfort, and value of the NS® Foreman+ full-body harness. Constructed from 6,300-pound polyester webbing, this professional-grade...Read Full Article

Safety harness can help companies meet new OSHA standards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently announced it will "phase in" new enforcement rules regarding fall protection regulations on residential construction sites. According to the International Business Times,...Read Full Article

Prevent fall injuries with a DBI SALA® Delta No-Tangle™ Full Body Vest Style Fall Protection Harness with Tongue Buckle Leg Straps and Back D-Ring

When working more than 4 feet above a floor or the ground, general industry standards require that employees use fall protection that will keep them from being injured in a fall. Employers should be sure to provide products such as harnesses and...Read Full Article

Offer workers excellent fall protection with these web lanyards

Ensure the safety of employees working above the ground and provide a greater freedom of movement to increase productivity with NS® 10' Retractable Web Lanyards. These lightweight units weigh only 4 pounds and feature 10' x 1 3/4"...Read Full Article

Self-retracting lifeline offers durable, lightweight safety option

Companies can provide a sense of freedom of movement for greater productivity while protecting employees with the 20' Contractor SRL Web Self-Retracting Lifeline from Northern Safety.  The NS® 20' Contractor 20' SRL...Read Full Article

Enhance workplace safety with one of the smallest fall limiters available

Offer greater versatility with the Honeywell Scorpion™ Personal Fall Limiter with Carabiner and Swivel Shackle. The Scorpion™ PFL attaches directly to a harness D-ring for use as a personal fall limiter, and can also be used as a...Read Full Article

Roofer's kit gives workers convenience

Workers can perform projects on roofs with the assurance that they are using excellent fall protection - the NS® Bucket Roofer's Kit with Fall Protection Harness and Lanyard. Offer the NS® Bucket Roofer's Kit with Fall Protection Harness...Read Full Article

Protect workers from falls with self-retracting lanyard

The tough, lightweight MSA Aptura™ LT30 Self-Retracting 30' Lanyard helps avoid inconsistent lock-ups that employees might experience with other SRLs. This lanyard can help safeguard employees who need to perform tasks at heights. MSA...Read Full Article

Convenient fall protection kit assures compliance

Safeguard workers with enhanced fall protection - Protecta® Compliance in a Can®. Convenient fall protection kit includes full body harness, shock-pack lanyard, and bucket that keeps components together and protected from dirt, exposure to...Read Full Article

Miller Revolution™ - comfortable, innovative fall protection

Provide workers with the versatile Miller Revolution™, a fall protection harness that has it all. Rated to 400 lbs., this harness incorporates a variety of features that users have requested. The harness has a universal size...Read Full Article

NS® Highlander® is fall protection workers can rely on

Provide workers with fall protection that is durable and affordable. NS® Highlander® full body harness features webbing with a 6,200 lb. breaking strength for reliable protection when working at heights. The harness is adjustable at five...Read Full Article

Miller ManHandler™ and tripod system helps ensure safety for confined space workers

Help workers safely complete tasks in confined spaces with the lightweight, durable ManHandler™ two-way hoist and tripod system. This equipment provides effortless lifting and lowering into and out of confined spaces. The hoist has a 5:1 gear...Read Full Article

Developed with help from real pole climbers – the DBI SALA® Cynch-Lok™ delivers

Hitch-hiking poles and getting around pole climbing obstacles safely is easier with the Cynch-Lok™ wood pole fall restricting device. During a climb, the exterior strap allows one-hand adjustments. The roller adjustment conveniently slides into...Read Full Article

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