N-Specs® Riptide® Sport – cool and cost-effective

Employees that work in building and highway construction, utilities, and landscaping industries will appreciate the gray lenses of these safety glasses when working in bright sunlight. N-Specs® Riptide® Sport safety glasses are also ideal...Read Full Article

Best-selling Riptide® safety glasses work well indoors and out

Employers that need versatile eye protection for indoor and outdoor work will enjoy the outstanding value of N-Specs® Riptide® Safety Glasses with Indoor-Outdoor Lens. These glasses provide excellent protection, a comfortable fit, and an attractive...Read Full Article

Pyramex™ Ztek® safety glasses protect eyes and budgets

In hot, humid workplaces, safety glasses can slip out of place, leaving eyes exposed to hazards. These clear lens safety glasses are designed with rubber-coated temple ends to prevent slipping and increase worker safety and comfort. The glasses...Read Full Article

New! Pyramex™ Emerge full magnifying lens safety glasses

Northern Safety announces the release of an exciting new product for 2013 that offers an ideal solution for employees who need eye protection with full lens magnification.  In addition to providing magnification below eye level, the full lens...Read Full Article

Choose N-Specs® Axel® Sport safety glasses for comfortable, stylish protection

Give workers comfortable eye protection they will want to wear all day. N-Specs® Axel® Sport safety glasses with red mirrored lens deliver superior coverage in a sleek design that is ultra-lightweight for extended...Read Full Article

Encourage eye protection with convenient safety glasses dispenser

Providing easy access to glasses is a great ways to encourage employees to wear eye protection. This clear acrylic safety glasses dispenser allows employers to easily maintain safety and...Read Full Article

NS® KutShieldz 2 cut-resistant gloves provide high-level protection at a great price

These gloves don’t stop at the 500 gram cut level 2 classification – they contain 923 grams of cut resistance! Safeguard workers’ hands with gloves that offer the industry’s highest cut level 2 protection at the lowest price....Read Full Article

Maintain optimal vision with N-Specs® anti-fog safety goggles

Protect employees’ eyes from splashes by providing convenient goggles that fit over most prescription eyeglasses. Designed to deliver outstanding eye protection without impairing workers’ vision, these goggles are a great choice for most...Read Full Article

Affordable Crews Law® OTG safety glasses are packed with features

Crews Law® over-the-glass (OTG) safety glasses are equipped with great looks, a clear lens, and cool steel colored temples – all at a great price. Clear, anti-fog coated lenses make these glasses a versatile and durable choice for...Read Full Article

Choose popular N-Specs® Enforcer® safety glasses to keep crews safe

Encourage compliance by providing eye protection workers won’t mind wearing – N-Specs® Enforcer® safety glasses. These lightweight glasses offer superior protection and feature dual, gray lenses for a sporty look that is popular...Read Full Article

Choose convenient, cost-effective Uvex® Astro OTG® 3001 safety glasses

Uvex® Astro OTG® 3001 over-the-glass safety glasses offer a clear lens, an attractive style, and a variety of features that provide exceptional safety, comfort, and convenience. An affordable alternative to expensive prescription eye...Read Full Article

DeWALT® Protector™ safety glasses offer coverage, comfort, and compliance

Choose durable, stylish safety glasses from a name you can trust. DeWALT® Protector™ safety glasses provide superior protection, and a clear, anti-fog lens with anti-scratch coating that ensures long-lasting...Read Full Article

Look cool and be comfortable with Jackson® Hellraiser™ safety glasses

Jackson® Hellraiser™ safety glasses with smoke-colored, mirrored lenses are a great choice for eye protection and they are designed to look cool and feel comfortable, making crews happy to wear...Read Full Article

Improve vision and reduce costs with Uvex® Fog Eliminator lens cleaning cloths

Sudden changes in temperature, cold, and humidity can cause eye protection to fog up, interfering with vision and safety. Uvex® Fog Eliminator lens cloths are a convenient and cost-effective solution that can be used to clean glass or...Read Full Article

DeWALT® Structure™ safety glasses provide safety, comfort, and value

A distortion-free smoke gray lens and ergonomic features make DeWALT® Structure™ safety glasses an excellent choice for active workers. Designed for maximum safety and comfort, these glasses are a high-quality option at a low price –...Read Full Article

Smith & Wesson® Magnum™ safety glasses offer comfort and style

An adaptable design, gray lenses that deliver maximum UV protection, attractive style, and contemporary black frame are just a few reasons many employers choose Smith & Wesson® Magnum™ safety glasses.Crews that work outdoors will...Read Full Article

Sleek Raptor® safety glasses keep eyes protected

Thousands of American workers suffer eye injuries every year, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates.  These injuries, many of which could have been prevented with safety glasses, may result in lost production and workers' compensation claims....Read Full Article

Be stylish at work with Riptide Sport clear lens safety glasses

Are you sick of wearing those over-sized safety glasses that stick out on the job site like a sore thumb? Then maybe it's time for a change. Many companies have the right intentions when they purchase safety glasses for their employees, but in...Read Full Article

Northern Safety's lens-cleaning towelettes clear the way for optimum vision

A busy work site typically has its fair share of debris. Saw dust, dirt, and soot are materials commonly coating the safety products of workers. This can become a significant problem when grime builds up on safety glasses, making it difficult for...Read Full Article

N-Specs® Premium Side shields make eye glasses a quick and convenient safety device

One of the most fragile parts of the human body is the eye. Our eyes provide us with our most used sense and they can be easily damaged. In work environments that deal with flying debris or particles, the protection of employees' eyes should be a...Read Full Article

N-Specs® Riptide® Safety Glasses with Clear Anti-Fog Lens maintain vision

The eyes are perhaps the most fragile part of the body, and OSHA requires employers to ensure the safety of all workers - and this includes protecting their eyes. To help you make sure workers will wear their safety products, a wide assortment of...Read Full Article

Offer workers crystal-clear protection with N-Specs® Tridon® sport safety glasses with clear lens

In addition to safety, one of the most important things that managers and supervisors want to consider when they select safety products is their workers' comfort. When workers are comfortable in products like safety glasses, it can increase...Read Full Article

N-Specs® Raptor® safety glasses with gray lenses are perfect in the summer sun

Many models of safety glasses are available with clear lenses, but when a workplace is outdoors, glasses with a darker shade can provide more comfort and protection to workers. Whether it's working on a road, operating heavy machinery, or...Read Full Article

Protect workers' eyes and their ability to see clearly

For employers seeking excellent eye protection, N-Specs® Tridon® LT Safety Glasses with Clear Lens are a great choice. You can give this sleek and lightweight pair of safety glasses to employees who perform grinding, sanding, or other tasks...Read Full Article

Promote safety and save money by providing these over-the-glass safety glasses

Using N-Specs® Tri-Star® OTG Over-The-Glass Safety Glasses with Clear Lens is a simple and economical way to protect workers' eyes. According to the Vision Council of America's Visionwatch study, 63.5 percent of adults were wearing...Read Full Article

Northern Safety releases new N-Specs® safety glasses for 2012

Northern Safety is pleased to announce its newest release of N-Specs® safety glasses for 2012. While streamlining design, enhancing protective features, and maintaining its low cost, Northern Safety has introduced several new styles of safety...Read Full Article

Northern Safety brings in sleek, modern Bolle® safety glasses for 2012

Northern Safety is pleased to announce its exciting new line of Bolle® safety glasses for 2012. With your safety and satisfaction in mind, Northern Safety is now offering the following Bolle styles: • Modern, lightweight Slam safety...Read Full Article

Northern Safety gives you the Edge™ in 2012

Northern Safety is excited to offer the durable and stylish line of Edge™ safety glasses in 2012. These comfortable, versatile eyeglasses come in two different styles, with a variety of lenses to suit any employee's tastes while delivering...Read Full Article

Protect visitors' eyes with Visitor Sport safety glasses

Eye protection is necessary in the construction and manufacturing industries, where workers and guests can be exposed to a variety of eye hazards. Northern Safety offers a sleek, comfortable option for visitors with its N-Specs® Visitor Sport...Read Full Article

Offer reliable, stylish eyewear to employees

Employees involved in construction, maintenance, manufacturing, or any work where there is a possibility of flying particles, need eye protection. Reduce the risk of eye injuries with the N-Specs® Riptide® Safety Glasses with Gray Lens....Read Full Article

Lightweight safety glasses provide reliable option to workers in several industries

Finding an affordable, comfortable eye protection solution is now easier with N-Specs® Tridon® Safety Glasses with Clear Anti-Fog Lens. This eyewear delivers comfort, protection, and style to workers who perform tasks indoors and out....Read Full Article

Provide comfortable eye protection with stylish Nemesis® safety glasses

Enhance compliance by offering workers the sleek Jackson® Safety Nemesis® safety glasses with smoke lens. Workers appreciate the look of this glass and it helps protect against eye injuries. The glasses meet ANSI requirements, and come...Read Full Article

DeWALT® Protector™ safety glasses provide style and comfort in a clear lens

DeWALT® delivers an affordable solution in eye protection with a name you trust. Protector™safety glasses guard against impact and reduce the harmful effects of UV rays.The glasses are equipped with a sleek wraparound design that ensures...Read Full Article

Affordable N-Specs® Tri-Star protect employees' vision

Reduce workplace injuries and help workers remain productive by providing N-Specs® Tri-Star® 200 adjustable safety glasses. This enhanced eyewear will keep workers safe in any indoor or outdoor environment. Supply eye protection that not...Read Full Article

Lower costs with affordable, stylish safety glasses

N-Specs® Riptide® Safety Glasses with Clear Lens can help ensure workers' safety at an affordable price. The sporty, ultra-light frame is adjustable to deliver comfortable wear throughout the workday and the polycarbonate lenses include...Read Full Article

Tridon® eye protection improves safety

Provide clear lens N-Specs® Tridon® safety glasses to increase workers' safety in a variety of work environments. Employees will appreciate the comfort, and enjoy the sleek, stylish design. Tridon's lightweight frame includes padded temples...Read Full Article

Deliver effective over-the-glass eye protection

Pyramex™ OTS® Over-the-Glass Safety Glasses with Clear Lens combine an excellent fit with lightweight comfort, allowing employees to perform tasks safely and more efficiently. The single lens design of Pyramex™ OTS®...Read Full Article

Enjoy sleek, comfortable eye protection anywhere

Visitors and employees can take advantage of glasses with a state-of-the-art design when they wear N-Specs® Visitor Sport Safety Glasses with Indoor Outdoor Lens. The right eye protection can make a tremendous difference for workers indoors and...Read Full Article

Lightweight safety glasses deliver sporty look at economical price

When seeking versatile eye protection that works well indoors and out, N-Specs® Riptide® Sport Safety Glasses with Indoor Outdoor Lens offer a great looking solution. N-Specs® Riptide® Sport Safety Glasses with Indoor...Read Full Article

Contemporary, ultra sleek eye protection enhances workplace safety

Give workers cutting edge eye protection at a great price with N-Specs® Axel® Safety Glasses with Mirrored Lenses. These stylish glasses feature a nosepiece and temples that are made of a soft rubber to prevent slipping while providing...Read Full Article

Durable lenses deliver excellent eye protection

Offer Jackson® Nemesis™ Safety Glasses to give workers stylish eye protection. The lenses have anti-fog coating to maintain clearer vision, and the lightweight frames, provide a comfortable fit to employees. Nemesis™ glasses deliver...Read Full Article

Safety glasses with rubber-coated temple ends to prevent slippage

Provide workers with safety glasses that protect against impact and UV rays - Pyramex™ Ztek®  Safety Glasses. These glasses have non-slip rubber coated temple ends that ensure they will not slip, even in hot, humid climates. The...Read Full Article

Avenger® safety glasses with Soft-Fit® temples offer protection, comfort, and style

Safeguard workers' eyes from UV rays, debris, flying particles, impact, and more with N-Specs® Avenger® Safety Glasses. The sporty wraparound mirrored lenses and frameless design make these glasses the ones that workers will want to wear....Read Full Article

Stylish, practical N-Specs® Readers Safety Glasses

Supply workers with safety glasses that help them read small print or perform detail work. N-Specs® Readers feature a fresh, up-to-date style and they enhance vision. These glasses have adjustable length temples and a ratchet inclination that...Read Full Article

Lightweight eye protection from Jackson® Safety

Encourage workers to wear eye protection with the stylish Jackson* Safety Nemesis* Safety Glasses.This lightweight glass features clear lenses that protect workers' eyes from impact and UV rays and come equipped with a free neck cord. Soft touch...Read Full Article

Sleek, lightweight 3M Virtua™ safety glasses

When looking for superior indoor outdoor eye protection to protect workers' eyes against impact and harmful UV rays, choose 3M Virtua™ Safety Glasses. These glasses have a sleek, stylish design that workers will love. They feature flexible...Read Full Article

N-Specs® Venom Riders offer style and comfort

Workers will appreciate eye protection that is versatile and stylish – N-Specs® Venom Riders with gray lenses. They have a removable, padded foam seal that prevents debris and moisture from reaching the eyes and helps keep vision clear. The...Read Full Article

Lenses and Coatings for Safety Eyewear

Choosing the right lens coating or lens color for your safety goggles or glasses is an important part of any safety program. What’s the best lens coating for your job site? Here’s a breakdown of different coatings and what...Read Full Article

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