Pigskin grain leather driver’s gloves make work more comfortable

Eliminate the likelihood of bumps and scrapes with NS® Pigskin Grain Leather Drivers Gloves. Ideal for operating heavy equipment and material handling, these gloves are a best-seller for hand protection. Meant for tough jobs, pigskin gloves are...Read Full Article

3M Multi-Gas & Vapor P100 cartridges offer ulimate protection

When workplaces are at risk of going over the allowed limit of gases and vapors, workers need effective personal protective equipment to shield them from these airborne contaminants and maintain compliance. 3M Multi-Gas and Vapor P100 Replacement...Read Full Article

3M P100 pancake filters provide higher level of protection

Respiratory protection is important to safety and health in the workplace and at the jobsite. Maintain a high level of protection with easy-to-use 3M P100 Pancake Filters. With just a fast quarter turn, these filters quickly attach to protect...Read Full Article

N-Specs® Riptide® Sport – cool and cost-effective

Employees that work in building and highway construction, utilities, and landscaping industries will appreciate the gray lenses of these safety glasses when working in bright sunlight. N-Specs® Riptide® Sport safety glasses are also ideal...Read Full Article

Protect workers with Tempro® flame-resistant coveralls

Deliver excellent secondary protection to workers performing tasks in steel mills, coal mines, refineries, laboratories, and the utilities industries with DuPont® Tempro® Flame-Resistant Coveralls. These affordable coveralls provide added...Read Full Article

Best-selling Riptide® safety glasses work well indoors and out

Employers that need versatile eye protection for indoor and outdoor work will enjoy the outstanding value of N-Specs® Riptide® Safety Glasses with Indoor-Outdoor Lens. These glasses provide excellent protection, a comfortable fit, and an attractive...Read Full Article

Pyramex™ Ztek® safety glasses protect eyes and budgets

In hot, humid workplaces, safety glasses can slip out of place, leaving eyes exposed to hazards. These clear lens safety glasses are designed with rubber-coated temple ends to prevent slipping and increase worker safety and comfort. The glasses...Read Full Article

3M 8211 disposable particulate respirators offer comfort and protection

Workers may find it difficult to perform tasks when wearing respirators that fog up eye protection. Employers can provide comfort and protection by choosing 3M 8211 disposable respirators. The lightweight respirator features a 3M Cool Flow™...Read Full Article

Honeywell® Eyesaline® eye wash station - a convenient solution

Ready-to-use Honeywell® Eyesaline® eye wash stations are a great option for improving eye protection at many workplaces, including construction sites and industrial facilities. When an eye injury occurs, this station can provide immediate...Read Full Article

Windsocks are a simple solution when wind direction matters

In some industries, safety depends on knowing the direction of the wind. With this windsock, employers can help make workers aware of the wind’s direction by providing this basic but effective tool. Affordably priced and constructed to...Read Full Article

Miller® by Honeywell harness and lanyard – a winning combination

For comfortable, effective fall protection, employers can’t beat the Miller® by Honeywell fall protection harness and shock absorbing lanyard combination. The single unit has all the features workers need for superior safety, and it...Read Full Article

Ensure optimum respiratory protection with 3M organic vapors / acid gases cartridges

Workers who are at risk of being exposed to hazardous organic vapors and acid gases need reliable, well maintained protection. Safeguard employees and keep respirator protection at peak performance with 3M replacement cartridges.     ...Read Full Article

Keep workers cool with TPI 2-Speed pedestal fans

Maintain worker comfort and productivity when temperatures in the workplace begin to rise with an industrial pedestal fan that circulates air and provides much needed relief.               The TPI pedestal 2-speed...Read Full Article

New! Pyramex™ Emerge full magnifying lens safety glasses

Northern Safety announces the release of an exciting new product for 2013 that offers an ideal solution for employees who need eye protection with full lens magnification.  In addition to providing magnification below eye level, the full lens...Read Full Article

Protect against light liquid splash with NS® ActivGARD® aprons

Safeguard workers by providing high-quality protective clothing. NS® ActivGARD® disposable polyethylene-coated aprons are an ideal option for employees in pharmaceutical, printing, and industries that need light-duty protection.

 Durable...Read Full Article

Moldex Rockets® corded ear plugs simplify hearing protection

With the proper protection employers can help keep workers’ hearing safe. Moldex Rockets® corded ear plugs are a comfortable and convenient option for loud workplaces. 

 Workers will appreciate the ear plugs' flexible flanges and...Read Full Article

Safely store flammable liquids in a 90-gallon Justrite Sure-Grip® EX cabinet

Construction crews, oil and gas drilling teams, farm workers, manufacturing employees, and other members of the industrial workforce use flammable and combustible liquids to fuel their equipment and complete tasks. Help reduce risk by storing these...Read Full Article

Effective protection: 3M P100 organic vapors / acid gases respirator cartridges

Reduce injury and illness in workers exposed to hazardous levels of organic vapors and acid gases. 3M respirator cartridges provide superior respiratory protection for work crews in petrochemical and chemical processing, utilities, pharmaceuticals,...Read Full Article

Respond quickly with a convenient SPC economy universal spill kit

Spills can happen at any worksite and, when they do, workers need to take immediate action. Prepare teams for emergencies by providing convenient and cost-effective SPC universal spill kits. These kits contain all the supplies workers need to clean...Read Full Article

Ensure continued comfort with NS® Power Shell® replacement brow pads

Deliver safety and extra comfort to workers by providing NS® Power Shell® replacement brow pads. These super absorbent cotton pads help keep stinging sweat out of workers’ eyes while using head protection in hot conditions....Read Full Article

Choose N-Specs® Axel® Sport safety glasses for comfortable, stylish protection

Give workers comfortable eye protection they will want to wear all day. N-Specs® Axel® Sport safety glasses with red mirrored lens deliver superior coverage in a sleek design that is ultra-lightweight for extended...Read Full Article

NS® MonsterZorb® oil sorbent pads repel water, absorb oil, and save money

Tackle oily spills with MonsterZorb® heavy sorbent pads. These reliable, economy absorbents repel water and quickly absorb oil for effective spill cleanup. Easy-to-use MonsterZorb® pads are ideal for manufacturing, oil and gas,...Read Full Article

NS® 90-gallon safety cabinets offer exceptional value

Rely on this NS® safety cabinet with manual doors for safe on-site storage of flammable liquids. Designed for maximum security, this cabinet is constructed from all welded, 18-guage double-wall steel that provides a heat barrier with an inch and...Read Full Article

Contain spills and safeguard the environment with NS® “Go Green” spill kit

Prepare for spills with the NS® 55-gallon “Go Green” wheeled spill kit. This reliable, universal spill control kit gives employees everything they need to take immediate action – and it’s friendly to the...Read Full Article

Quickly and easily contain spills with NS® universal overpack kits

Facilities need to be ready for spills and NS® overpack spill kits offer the most cost-effective way to prepare. A great choice for spill response teams, warehouses, manufacturers, and transporters, these 30-gallon universal spill kits are ideal...Read Full Article

Reduce the risk of burns with Chicago Protective Apparel Nomex® Hoods

Help workers avoid burns with fire-resistant 6 oz. Nomex®-blend hoods from Chicago Protective Apparel. Safe for use on its own or beneath hard hats, helmets, and faceshields, this durable hood provides 8 cal/cm2 protection, which...Read Full Article

Save money and tackle spills with NS® MonsterZorb® universal sorbent pads

Easily clean up everyday spills with NS® MonsterZorb® universal sorbent pads. These medium-weight pads are an economical and reliable choice for soaking up oils, coolants, solvents, and...Read Full Article

Wells Lamont® Kevlar® / Nomex® high heat glove delivers comfortable protection

Heat protection. Comfort. Convenience. Affordability. All qualities that make this Wells Lamont® Kevlar®/Nomex® high heat knit glove an ideal option for both workers and employers. An outstanding choice for high-heat applications, the...Read Full Article

Strong, dependable NS® Fall Protection permanent roof anchors

Protect workers from falls with reliable anchor points. NS® permanent roof anchors are engineered to withstand over 5,000 pounds of force without breaking and can be left installed under ridge caps for future use. NS® roof peak anchors are...Read Full Article

Reduce waste and cut costs with Scott® center pull paper towels

Scott® center pull paper towels are an economical choice that help minimize waste and control costs. These perforated towels work with a dispenser to smoothly deliver just one paper towel at a time, ensuring workers use the right amount for...Read Full Article

Encourage eye protection with convenient safety glasses dispenser

Providing easy access to glasses is a great ways to encourage employees to wear eye protection. This clear acrylic safety glasses dispenser allows employers to easily maintain safety and...Read Full Article

Sperian® Survivair® P100 respirator cartridges offer reliable protection

Help protect workers at risk of exposure to hazardous airborne particles with Sperian® Survivair® S-series threaded P100 particulate respirator cartridges. These cartridges are easy to use, comfortable, affordable, and provide superior...Read Full Article

Help prevent heat stress with Ergodyne® Chill-Its® hydration packs

When the weather heats up, keep workers hydrated with Ergodyne® Chill-Its® hydration packs. These low-profile packs offer comfort, convenience, and features that ensure cool, clean drinking water....Read Full Article

Provide relief in hot weather with an evaporative cooling vest

When temperatures rise, help prevent heat exhaustion by providing the Climate Control Apparel evaporative cooling vest. By simply soaking the vest in cool water for one to three minutes, the vest provides outdoor workers with cooling relief for five...Read Full Article

Medique® Medi-Lyte electrolyte tablets can help control heat stress

Excessive sweating can cause employees to lose important minerals their bodies need to function properly. Safeguard workers in hot weather by offering heat stress relief with Medi-Lyte electrolyte tablets. Each tablet contains calcium carbonate,...Read Full Article

Keep workers cool with NS® Kool Downs bandanas

Help keep work crews comfortable and productive in hot, humid weather with NS® Kool Downs bandanas. This bandana covers worker's head and neck from hot, damaging sun rays and provides long-lasting, cooling relief. Just soak the bandana in cold...Read Full Article

Create shelter quickly with a Shax® 6000 utility tent

Designed for instant set-up, the Shax® 6000 utility tent provides quick, durable shelter at jobsites. This 10' x 10' tent offers exceptional coverage for work crews while a double vent at the top delivers outstanding air...Read Full Article

Protect workers with affordable MSA Advantage® 200 LS half mask respirators

Comfortable fit, easy maintenance, exceptional safety, and outstanding price –all great reasons to provide workers with MSA Advantage® 200 LS half mask respirators. 
 This lightweight, NIOSH-approved respirator features an...Read Full Article

NS® Kool Downs offer instant, long-lasting relief from the heat

Looking for an easy way to keep workers cool? NS® Kool Downs cooling bands can be worn on employees’ heads or necks to provide relief from the heat and help workers feel more comfortable. Simply soak the band in cold water for 10-15...Read Full Article

Keep workers refreshed with Sqwincher® Sqweeze freezer pops

When the weather is hot and humid, workers will be thankful for Sqwincher® Sqweeze freezer pops. These delicious pops quench thirst and help keep crews hydrated when working in high heat. Each Sqwincher® Sqweeze pop has the electrolytes and...Read Full Article

Protect workers from falls with NS® shock-absorbing lanyards

Safeguard employees working at heights by providing reliable fall protection that is designed to last – the NS® shock-absorbing lanyard. It is made of durable 1 3/4 inch-thick, abrasion-resistant polyester that resists breaking to 8,500...Read Full Article

NS® Hydraulix mechanic's gloves offer superior safety and design

Protect workers’ hands during machine maintenance and repair with NS® Hydraulix Mechanic's LT gloves. Convenience, flexibility, and comfort make these gloves an excellent choice for automotive, construction, manufacturing, and most other...Read Full Article

Motorola CLS Series™ two-way single channel radio boosts communication

Improve workplace safety and efficiency by speeding up communication with a Motorola CLS Series™ wireless UHF business band two-way radio. Perfect for warehouses, interior construction sites, offices, restaurants, schools, stores, and hotels,...Read Full Article

Protect against chemicals with Showa® Best® NeoGrab™ gloves

Safeguard workers’ hands and forearms when they’re dealing with caustics, acids, greases, oils, and solvents. Provide 12” long Showa® Best® NeoGrab™ rough neoprene coated gloves for outstanding safety and...Read Full Article

Protecta® Rebel™ 420 lb. capacity self-retracting lifeline supports workers and gear

Provide crews with fall protection strong enough to support workers carrying heavy tools. This aluminum-housed Protecta® Rebel™ self-retracting lifeline is equipped with a 33’ galvanized cable and offers a 420-pound capacity can...Read Full Article

NS® KutShieldz 2 cut-resistant gloves provide high-level protection at a great price

These gloves don’t stop at the 500 gram cut level 2 classification – they contain 923 grams of cut resistance! Safeguard workers’ hands with gloves that offer the industry’s highest cut level 2 protection at the lowest price....Read Full Article

Promote compliance with NS® 7210X N95 respirators

Protect workers exposed to hazardous airborne particles with NS® N95 7210X disposable particulate respirators – a comfortable option that workers will appreciate.  This affordable respirator offers exceptional protection, including...Read Full Article

NS® polycarbonate visors offer affordable, impact-resistant protection

When workers need impact-resistant face protection, choose NS® clear polycarbonate faceshield visors. Durable and affordable, NS® faceshield visors offer excellent safety for an economical price.
 This convenient visor attaches quickly and...Read Full Article

NS® premium russet cowhide welding gloves offer superior safety and comfort

Great for construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial workplaces, these durable gloves provide employees with superior protection and comfort when welding. Exceptional materials and design make all the difference in NS®...Read Full Article

Protect hands from cuts with NS® Superior® KutShieldz™ Dyneema® gloves

Help employees work confidently with glass, steel, circuit boards, and other sharp items by providing the ANSI level 2 cut protection of NS® Superior® KutShieldz™ cut-resistant...Read Full Article

Avoid allergic reactions with Microflex® Supreno® EC powder-free nitrile exam gloves

Provide workers with superior hand protection when performing potentially hazardous tasks. Microflex® Supreno® EC nitrile exam gloves are ideal for employees who regularly make contact with chemicals. These gloves offer exceptional...Read Full Article

Maintain optimal vision with N-Specs® anti-fog safety goggles

Protect employees’ eyes from splashes by providing convenient goggles that fit over most prescription eyeglasses. Designed to deliver outstanding eye protection without impairing workers’ vision, these goggles are a great choice for most...Read Full Article

Reduce risk and costs with popular Howard Leight® cordless MAX® ear plugs

Workers in large, noisy facilities need premium hearing protection on hand at all times. Howard Leight® Source 500 MAX® ear plug refills make it easy to stay stocked and offer superior safety. With a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 33...Read Full Article

Affordable Crews Law® OTG safety glasses are packed with features

Crews Law® over-the-glass (OTG) safety glasses are equipped with great looks, a clear lens, and cool steel colored temples – all at a great price. Clear, anti-fog coated lenses make these glasses a versatile and durable choice for...Read Full Article

Deliver lightweight fall protection with a Protecta® Rebel® self-retracting lifeline

Employees will be confident working at heights when using the Protecta® Rebel® self-retracting lifeline (SRL). This SRL includes a ¾-inch swiveling snap hook, handy carabiner, and a 2.8 lb aluminum housing that makes it the most...Read Full Article

Easily access hundreds of essential first aid items

Provide workers with quick and easy access to a huge variety of first aid essentials by stocking facilities and vehicles with Genuine First Aid® ANSI #50 first aid kits. Whether you take it with you, or install it permanently in one place, this...Read Full Article

Reduce noise comfortably with Howard Leight® Fusion® small size ear plugs

With NRR 27 hearing protection, a soft, flexible design, and a detachable cord, Howard Leight® Fusion® ear plugs offer outstanding attenuation, comfort, and...Read Full Article

Choose popular N-Specs® Enforcer® safety glasses to keep crews safe

Encourage compliance by providing eye protection workers won’t mind wearing – N-Specs® Enforcer® safety glasses. These lightweight glasses offer superior protection and feature dual, gray lenses for a sporty look that is popular...Read Full Article

Choose convenient, cost-effective Uvex® Astro OTG® 3001 safety glasses

Uvex® Astro OTG® 3001 over-the-glass safety glasses offer a clear lens, an attractive style, and a variety of features that provide exceptional safety, comfort, and convenience. An affordable alternative to expensive prescription eye...Read Full Article

Boost productivity with an affordably priced NS® hydraulic pallet truck

Workers will appreciate the NS® hydraulic pallet truck that can handle up to 5,500 pounds of stock. This high-quality, low-priced material handling equipment is constructed from durable steel and offers features that make tasks...Read Full Article

DeWALT® Protector™ safety glasses offer coverage, comfort, and compliance

Choose durable, stylish safety glasses from a name you can trust. DeWALT® Protector™ safety glasses provide superior protection, and a clear, anti-fog lens with anti-scratch coating that ensures long-lasting...Read Full Article

NS® shock-absorbing lanyard offers optimal safety at a great price

This NS® shock-absorbing lanyard offers a double locking snap hook and a rebar snap hook with a 2 ¼- inch gate opening that allows convenient positioning during a wide range of applications that require fall protection. These handy...Read Full Article

Reduce infection with Water-Jel® triple antibiotic ointment packets

Help heal minor workplace wounds and reduce the risk of infection in scrapes, cuts, and burns. Water-Jel® triple antibiotic first aid ointment comes in handy packets and contains active ingredients that offer the best performing antibiotics...Read Full Article

Look cool and be comfortable with Jackson® Hellraiser™ safety glasses

Jackson® Hellraiser™ safety glasses with smoke-colored, mirrored lenses are a great choice for eye protection and they are designed to look cool and feel comfortable, making crews happy to wear...Read Full Article

Quickly access first aid supplies with a Medi-First® Medique® cabinet

Prepare for emergencies by ensuring first aid supplies can be found quickly. Equip the workplace with a convenient, well-stocked Medi-First® Medique® three-shelf first aid cabinet. This kit is a great choice for shipping and receiving...Read Full Article

Improve vision and reduce costs with Uvex® Fog Eliminator lens cleaning cloths

Sudden changes in temperature, cold, and humidity can cause eye protection to fog up, interfering with vision and safety. Uvex® Fog Eliminator lens cloths are a convenient and cost-effective solution that can be used to clean glass or...Read Full Article

DeWALT® Structure™ safety glasses provide safety, comfort, and value

A distortion-free smoke gray lens and ergonomic features make DeWALT® Structure™ safety glasses an excellent choice for active workers. Designed for maximum safety and comfort, these glasses are a high-quality option at a low price –...Read Full Article

Choose NS® Foreman+ full-body harness for outstanding fall protection

A double-stitched back pad, back and side D-rings, and many other features add to the superior fall protection, comfort, and value of the NS® Foreman+ full-body harness. Constructed from 6,300-pound polyester webbing, this professional-grade...Read Full Article

3M E-A-R™ Push-Ins™ uncorded ear plugs are comfortable and reusable

Save money and provide convenient hearing protection with 3M E-A-R™ Push-Ins™ reusable ear plugs. Designed to offer excellent fit, safety, and ease, these plugs are a reliable option for construction, manufacturing, and other industries...Read Full Article

Reduce cuts and improve grip with Showa® Best® Zorb-IT® Ultimate gloves

Showa® Best® Zorb-IT® Ultimate gloves feature a shell designed with Aramid fibers for advanced cut resistance.  Outstanding protection and a sure grip make these gloves a popular...Read Full Article

NS® chemical-resistant nitrile gloves offer reliable protection and a sure grip

NS® chemical- and solvent-resistant gloves are an ideal option for a wide variety of applications. These flock lined, 15-mil nitrile gloves give workers a firm grip and excellent...Read Full Article

Safeguard arms from cuts, burns, and abrasions with Kevlar® sleeves

The Kevlar® 2-ply seamless sleeve helps protect employees against arm injuries caused by contact with sharp objects, flames, or hot materials. This 10 inch sleeve provides Level 4 cut protection and is ideal for employers looking for a product...Read Full Article

Smith & Wesson® Magnum™ safety glasses offer comfort and style

An adaptable design, gray lenses that deliver maximum UV protection, attractive style, and contemporary black frame are just a few reasons many employers choose Smith & Wesson® Magnum™ safety glasses.Crews that work outdoors will...Read Full Article

Easily replenish electrolytes with Sqwincher® Zero Qwik Stiks

Sqwincher® Zero Qwik Stiks offer a convenient, sugar-free, calorie-free instant drink that helps replenish essential elements workers’ bodies may lose to heat, fatigue, and stress. 

 This low-sodium drink tastes great and is full of...Read Full Article

Give workers a cool look with 3M Skull Screws™

3M Skull Screws™ offer a corded design, a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 30 decibels, and a unique advantage that makes them unlike other ear plugs. Designed to improve compliance, these ear plugs have an edgy appearance that workers will...Read Full Article

Reduce scratches with North® peel-away lens protectors

Save money and time when using North® 7600 and 5400 series full-face respirators by applying North® by Honeywell peel-away lens protectors. They extend the life of respirator lenses and offer exceptional convenience – without impairing...Read Full Article

Avoid serious injuries with a Prinzing lockout tagout kit

Increase compliance and keep workers safe during maintenance and repair tasks with a Prinzing premium lockout tagout safety kit. This kit offers exceptional protection and convenience in a durable polyethylene case....Read Full Article

Safeguard work crews with quick-recovering JBC™ 28" cones

A competitive price, superior durability, and a specially engineered base make JBC™ 28” traffic safety cones popular. These ultra-durable, wide-body cones pop back up quickly when crushed, bent, or run over. Constructed of premium,...Read Full Article

Plum covered eye wash station is ideal for dusty workplaces

The Plum double saline eye wash station with cover is a sterile, hygienic solution for quickly rinsing away irritants, toxins, and contaminants. Form-fitting eye cups deliver a gentle but effective rinse, providing outstanding eye relief when...Read Full Article

Comfort and safety are hallmarks of 7210 N95 Disposable Particulate Respirator

Millions of workers across the U.S. work directly with potentially dangerous particulates on a daily basis. Several industries, such as the construction and healthcare sectors, require some of their employees to be equipped with adequate safety...Read Full Article

Protect yourself from harmful particulates with 3M's 8210 respirator

Dangerous particulates are prevalent at many work sites throughout the country. Employers may want to consider stocking up on additional safety products because protecting workers from irritating particulates is a vital component of maintaining...Read Full Article

Safety harness can help companies meet new OSHA standards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently announced it will "phase in" new enforcement rules regarding fall protection regulations on residential construction sites. According to the International Business Times,...Read Full Article

NS® Ruf-flex Plus work gloves offer comfort, secure grip

When handling boxes or tools such as a hammer, wheelbarrow, or saw, maintaining a strong grip is an integral part of the job. A poor grip can create a safety hazard at the job site as well as reduce the quality of work. It's important that your...Read Full Article

Protect your hands and safety budget with Microflex SafeGrip latex gloves

16 mil latex work gloves are ideal for extreme environments in the workplace. Durable latex construction resists most tearing and ripping. In addition, the snug fit allows for a tight grip and little chance that foreign substances will contact the...Read Full Article

Sleek Raptor® safety glasses keep eyes protected

Thousands of American workers suffer eye injuries every year, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates.  These injuries, many of which could have been prevented with safety glasses, may result in lost production and workers' compensation claims....Read Full Article

Be stylish at work with Riptide Sport clear lens safety glasses

Are you sick of wearing those over-sized safety glasses that stick out on the job site like a sore thumb? Then maybe it's time for a change. Many companies have the right intentions when they purchase safety glasses for their employees, but in...Read Full Article

NS®'s 8 mil FlexShield® powder-free nitrile gloves are 11 inches long and easy to pull on, off

Are you tired of struggling to put on and take off your work gloves? NS's 8 mil FlexShield nitrile gloves are an ideal solution, providing comfort and protection. Plus, the rolled cuffs add durability and make them easier to take on and off. These...Read Full Article

Northern Safety's lens-cleaning towelettes clear the way for optimum vision

A busy work site typically has its fair share of debris. Saw dust, dirt, and soot are materials commonly coating the safety products of workers. This can become a significant problem when grime builds up on safety glasses, making it difficult for...Read Full Article

Moldex 2300 Standard Shape N95 Disposable Particulate Respirator with Exhalation Valve gives workers extra protection

There are face masks designed to provide a thin layer of protection against the outside elements, and then there are professional workplace solutions such as the Moldex 2300 N95 Standard Shape Disposable Particulate Respirator with Exhalation Valve....Read Full Article

More workers protecting ear health with 3M E-A-R Express® Pod Plugs® Reusable Corded Ear Plugs

Other than loud outdoor concerts and mowing your lawn, there are times when you should take extra steps to protect your hearing. No situation is more demanding of hearing protection than a loud work environment where you spend the majority of your...Read Full Article

3M 6000 Series Full Facepiece Respirator provides safety as well as comfort

A lot of workers realize that dangerous jobs are usually also difficult. They will also point out that both of these things are especially true where hazardous chemical particulates are involved. In addition to working with machinery and being aware...Read Full Article

N-Specs® Premium Side shields make eye glasses a quick and convenient safety device

One of the most fragile parts of the human body is the eye. Our eyes provide us with our most used sense and they can be easily damaged. In work environments that deal with flying debris or particles, the protection of employees' eyes should be a...Read Full Article

Disposable ear plugs protect against hearing damage

When you think about workplace safety, the hazards that come to mind will often include noxious chemicals, dangerous machinery, and the threat of electric shock. These are all serious things to be wary of while on the job. Most machinery in...Read Full Article

N-Specs® Riptide® Safety Glasses with Clear Anti-Fog Lens maintain vision

The eyes are perhaps the most fragile part of the body, and OSHA requires employers to ensure the safety of all workers - and this includes protecting their eyes. To help you make sure workers will wear their safety products, a wide assortment of...Read Full Article

Work safely with NS® Grain Leather Driver's Gloves with Keystone Thumb

Safety products are hardly optional in workplaces that contain dangerous equipment. Construction, manufacturing, and many other industries demand that workers wear gloves at all times. After all - hands are one of the most important body parts, and...Read Full Article

DuPont™ Tyvek® Standard Disposable Coveralls keep workers clean and safe

You may think wearing disposable coveralls is just a simple way to stay clean, but it's actually a way to keep you safe. In some applications, such as removing asbestos or lead paint, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)...Read Full Article

NS® Economy Weight Standard Size Brown Jersey Work Gloves deliver comfortable protection

One of the most important things to remember when selecting work gloves is that there are many different kinds to choose from, but there is one type that is appropriate for a variety of jobs or tasks. When you've got maintenance, material...Read Full Article

Prevent fall injuries with a DBI SALA® Delta No-Tangle™ Full Body Vest Style Fall Protection Harness with Tongue Buckle Leg Straps and Back D-Ring

When working more than 4 feet above a floor or the ground, general industry standards require that employees use fall protection that will keep them from being injured in a fall. Employers should be sure to provide products such as harnesses and...Read Full Article

Make workers highly visible with a NS® Class 2 Deluxe Mesh Safety Vest

When you work outside, it's important to wear a safety vest so that you're visible to drivers. Once you have a bright lime or orange vest in mind, it's time to pick the right model. An excellent choice is the NS® Class 2 Deluxe Mesh...Read Full Article

NS® Disposable Industrial Grade 4 mil Powdered Nitrile Gloves offer protection and dexterity

Many workers face hazards from handling the materials that they're working with. In these situations, a good grip and a lot of dexterity will help employees to delicately and safely handle different substances. That's why many employers...Read Full Article

Do heavy-duty work with NS® standard leather palm work gloves with safety cuff

Workers need to keep their hands in excellent condition when they perform heavy-duty work. Construction, agriculture, maintenance, and other labor-intensive jobs can cause blisters to develop on fingers and palms and can result in injuries....Read Full Article

Offer workers crystal-clear protection with N-Specs® Tridon® sport safety glasses with clear lens

In addition to safety, one of the most important things that managers and supervisors want to consider when they select safety products is their workers' comfort. When workers are comfortable in products like safety glasses, it can increase...Read Full Article

N-Specs® Raptor® safety glasses with gray lenses are perfect in the summer sun

Many models of safety glasses are available with clear lenses, but when a workplace is outdoors, glasses with a darker shade can provide more comfort and protection to workers. Whether it's working on a road, operating heavy machinery, or...Read Full Article

Block dust and minor irritants with an NS® 7000 Dust Mask

Not all airborne particulates that workers may come in contact with are necessarily toxic, but they can be irritating. The NS® 7000 Dust Mask is great for blocking dust, animal dander, grass clippings, pollen, sawdust, and other particulates...Read Full Article

3M® E-A-R™ UltraFit® corded reusable ear plugs in polybag provide a gentle seal every time

Many workplaces have consistently high noise levels. Workers at these sites need to protect their hearing at all times, so it's important to provide hearing protection. 3M® E-A-R™ UltraFit® Corded Reusable Ear Plugs in Polybag are an...Read Full Article

NS® 7511 N95 disposable particulate respirator with exhalation valve protects workers

When your employees are working in hot and humid conditions, it's important to provide a respirator that is designed to function best and provide the highest level of comfort possible in those conditions. Make breathing easier for your workers with...Read Full Article

A Northern Safety #25 Person First Aid Kit provides safety on the go

First aid kits are a necessity for keeping employees safe and healthy. When you're looking for the best value in a first aid kit, the Northern Safety #25 Person First Aid Kit is just what you need. This kit is ideal for a variety of workplaces, and...Read Full Article

Use a 3M 8511 N95 Disposable Particulate Respirator to protect employees

Sanding, painting, dyeing, drilling, grinding, and many other tasks require that workers shield their respiratory systems from particulates. Equip your workers with a 3M 8511 N95 Disposable Particulate Respirator with Exhalation Valve to ensure...Read Full Article

Protect workers' eyes and their ability to see clearly

For employers seeking excellent eye protection, N-Specs® Tridon® LT Safety Glasses with Clear Lens are a great choice. You can give this sleek and lightweight pair of safety glasses to employees who perform grinding, sanding, or other tasks...Read Full Article

Protect workers' hearing with the world's most popular polyurethane foam ear plug

If you're looking to give employees the best protection from hearing loss, use Howard Leight by Sperian MAX® Pre-Shaped Corded Foam Disposable Ear Plugs. These plugs are extremely comfortable and easy to use, so staff members will want to take...Read Full Article

Earplug dispensers make for convenient access to safety supplies

Provide workers with access to a Moldex SparkPlugs® PlugStation® Disposable Ear Plug Dispenser, 500 Pair/Dispenser for easy use and convenient compliance. Workplaces that require the regular use of hearing protection need to have the...Read Full Article

Disposable coveralls are a cost-effective way to protect workers

DuPont™ Tyvek® Disposable Coveralls with Hood, Elastic Wrists & Ankles offer excellent personal protection that will keep employees safe in many different environments. Supply workers with these coveralls for painting, asbestos...Read Full Article

Keep workers safe from accidents with this lockout tagout kit

Purchase a Northern Safety Economical Lockout Tagout Safety Kit for maximum protection against industrial accidents when equipment is being repaired or serviced. This kit is an economical choice for companies that wish to keep their lockout/tagout...Read Full Article

Provide grip and additional protection with rubber coated work gloves

Different tasks require different gloves, and NS® Ruf-Flex® 2 Rubber Palm Coated Work Gloves are excellent for employees who are performing masonry, handling various materials, or doing assembly work. When your workers need added protection...Read Full Article

Offer workers excellent fall protection with these web lanyards

Ensure the safety of employees working above the ground and provide a greater freedom of movement to increase productivity with NS® 10' Retractable Web Lanyards. These lightweight units weigh only 4 pounds and feature 10' x 1 3/4"...Read Full Article

Reduce the risk of work-related hearing loss

Loud noise in construction, factory, and warehouses can cause permanent damage to workers' hearing. Supply personnel with dependable hearing protection such as Howard Leight by Sperian MAX® Pre-Shaped Uncorded Foam Disposable Ear Plugs and help...Read Full Article

Add safety to your worksites with traffic control posts

For top-quality roadside and worksite protection, provide your workforce with Grabber™ 42" Traffic Delineator Posts with 12 Pound Base. These posts let drivers and pedestrians know where work is being done so that employees engaged in...Read Full Article

Promote safety and save money by providing these over-the-glass safety glasses

Using N-Specs® Tri-Star® OTG Over-The-Glass Safety Glasses with Clear Lens is a simple and economical way to protect workers' eyes. According to the Vision Council of America's Visionwatch study, 63.5 percent of adults were wearing...Read Full Article

Leather driving gloves give workers a comfortable grip

Workers who spend their days driving or handling tools and heavy equipment need the protection and comfort that NS® Pigskin Grain Leather Driver's Gloves deliver. NS® Pigskin Grain Leather Driver's Gloves are made from a breathable...Read Full Article

Northern Safety releases new N-Specs® safety glasses for 2012

Northern Safety is pleased to announce its newest release of N-Specs® safety glasses for 2012. While streamlining design, enhancing protective features, and maintaining its low cost, Northern Safety has introduced several new styles of safety...Read Full Article

Northern Safety adds Haws® Axion™ EyePOD™ in 2012

Leading safety and industrial equipment supplier Northern Safety recently announced the addition of the Haws® Axion™ MSR EyePOD™ to its product line for 2012. This Haws® eye wash offers an easy-to-install faucet-mount solution...Read Full Article

Northern Safety brings in sleek, modern Bolle® safety glasses for 2012

Northern Safety is pleased to announce its exciting new line of Bolle® safety glasses for 2012. With your safety and satisfaction in mind, Northern Safety is now offering the following Bolle styles: • Modern, lightweight Slam safety...Read Full Article

Keep hands warm and comfortable with pigskin leather work gloves

Hand protection is important, as workers subject their hands to many types of rough conditions. That's why companies appreciate safety products like NS® Insulated Pigskin Leather Work Gloves with Knitwrist. Using these gloves helps workers...Read Full Article

Breathe easy on the job with 3M 8271 disposable particulate respirators

Ensure comfort and easier breathing with the 3M P95 disposable particulate respirator.  Featuring the 3M Cool Flow™ Valve, this respiratory protection reduces heat and humidity build-up inside the mask, making it more comfortable. Soft...Read Full Article

Offer employees comfortable, NS® Ruf-flex® cut resistant gloves

Make workplaces safer and increase productivity with rubber palm coated NS® Ruf-flex® 2 Kevlar® gloves. These comfortable gloves provide cut level 2 protection and can help limit  hand injuries in a wide variety of workplaces This...Read Full Article

Keep employees' hands safe with brown jersey work gloves

Northern Safety offers a wide selection of safety products for a variety of industries, and NS® Premium Weight Brown Jersey Work Gloves give employers across the country a useful protective product for almost any line of work. Providing workers...Read Full Article

Northern Safety gives you the Edge™ in 2012

Northern Safety is excited to offer the durable and stylish line of Edge™ safety glasses in 2012. These comfortable, versatile eyeglasses come in two different styles, with a variety of lenses to suit any employee's tastes while delivering...Read Full Article

New for 2012 - Bullard® Tritan™ Visors

Northern Safety is excited to announce its 2012 line of Bullard® Tritan™ Clear Face Protection Visors to reduce face and eye-related injuries in workplaces across the country. Bullard® Tritan™ Clear Face Protection Visors...Read Full Article

Cartridges help provide workplace safety

Many companies need respirators to ensure employee safety. The North® by Honeywell P100 particulate respirator cartridges provide excellent protection and are designed for use with North® by Honeywell 7600 and 5400 series full facepiece...Read Full Article

Keep hands clean and safe with disposable nitrile gloves

Take a proactive approach to maintaining workplace health and safety by providing FlexShield® 5 Mil Powder-Free 9.5" Disposable Nitrile Gloves that offer workers ideal hand protection in laboratory, assembly line, and industrial settings....Read Full Article

Protect visitors' eyes with Visitor Sport safety glasses

Eye protection is necessary in the construction and manufacturing industries, where workers and guests can be exposed to a variety of eye hazards. Northern Safety offers a sleek, comfortable option for visitors with its N-Specs® Visitor Sport...Read Full Article

Choose Ruf-flex® Lite gloves for superior protection and flexibility

Looking for a soft yet durable knit glove for construction, maintenance, material handling, or manufacturing? Look no further than NS® Ruf-flex® Lite Blue Rubber Coated Nylon String Knit Gloves, ideal hand protection for the industrial or...Read Full Article

Driver's gloves offer flexibility and comfort

Drivers face the challenge of staying safe as they operate trucks, tractors, and other types of heavy machinery. That's why Northern Safety offers NS® Premium Pigskin Grain Leather Driver's Gloves - excellent protection for workers...Read Full Article

Improve workplace hearing protection

Industrial work environments often involve a variety of machines that create loud-volume noises throughout the day. Employers can offer safety products ideal for employees exposed to continuous or loud noises in the workplace in the form of Howard...Read Full Article

Avoid hydrogen sulfide exposure with an economical gas detector

Take a proactive approach to workplace safety with the fully serviceable Honeywell ToxiPro™ - H2S, a reusable gas detector that instantly alerts to the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas. This portable gas detector is an economical choice for...Read Full Article

Expose workplace hazards with reliable hard hat flashlight and headlamp

Employees who work where light is needed will appreciate the Streamlight® Septor® 3 AAA Hard Hat Flashlight and Headlamp, while employers appreciate the rugged ABS plastic case and unbreakable polycarbonate lens that ensure...Read Full Article

Protect employees' hearing with NS® Soft Fit® Plus Disposable Uncorded Foam Ear Plugs

Hearing protection keeps employees safe from loud noises in the workplace or at the worksite, and superior protection comes in the form of products like the NS® Soft Fit® Plus Disposable Uncorded Foam Ear Plugs. Northern Safety offers the...Read Full Article

High-visibility mesh safety vests keep employees safe and comfortable

Workers on busy roads and highways, construction sites, loading docks, and in any environment with moving heavy equipment or traffic need protection they can wear to stay safe and visible. The NS® Hi-Vis Class 2 Breathable Mesh Safety Vest...Read Full Article

Protect workers providing CPR and biohazard cleanups with the right kit

Accidents and injuries can occur at any time in a workplace, and employers can stay prepared with the First Aid Only™ Bloodborne Pathogen Personal Protection Kit with CPR Pack. This first aid package offers the safety tools and supplies...Read Full Article

The right hard hat can reduce injuries in a variety of environments

Employers in construction, demolition, mining, and other industries face a challenge keeping employees safe in hazardous workplaces. Northern Safety provides the MSA V-Gard® Hard Hat with Fas-Trac® Ratchet Suspension to help manage workplace...Read Full Article

Protect employees and pedestrians with plastic chain

Many cities, towns, and businesses use stanchions to keep pedestrians safe as they walk near hazardous areas. Safety equipment like Plastic Chain for Crowd Control Stanchions helps to guide workers and others away from possible dangers. ...Read Full Article

Self-retracting lifeline offers durable, lightweight safety option

Companies can provide a sense of freedom of movement for greater productivity while protecting employees with the 20' Contractor SRL Web Self-Retracting Lifeline from Northern Safety.  The NS® 20' Contractor 20' SRL...Read Full Article

Keep employees hydrated throughout the workday

Staying hydrated can help keep workers in construction, manufacturing, and other industries productive. Northern Safety offers the Gatorade® 2 1/2 Gallon Instant Powder Mix Variety Pack to reduce workplace dehydration and fatigue. The...Read Full Article

Foam ear plugs provide employees' high-quality hearing protection

Hearing damage can occur when employees are subjected to loud workplace conditions. The NS® Soft Fit® Disposable Uncorded Foam Ear Plugs deliver top-of-the-line hearing protection to employees. Providing workers with the...Read Full Article

Polyethylene shoe covers can limit wear and tear of shoes and boots

Employees entering dirty, grimy areas often need protection for their clothing.  NS® ActivGARD® Disposable Polyethylene Shoe Covers are an economical solution to protect workers' footwear from dirt, grime, and liquid spills....Read Full Article

Help reduce workplace hand injuries with premium rubber palm coated work gloves

Handling rough objects without a secure grip can cause problems for workers. Ruf-flex® Premium Rubber Palm Coated Work Gloves from Northern Safety offer a solution. These rugged gloves ensure a great grip and can help reduce hand injuries....Read Full Article

Patch palm leather work gloves offer economical protection

Providing reliable safety products to protect employees' hands is important for companies across the country. Businesses can take advantage of the economical NS® Patch Palm Leather Work Gloves, from a trusted safety equipment provider - Northern...Read Full Article

Safety vests enhance safety for your employees

Employers can make an economical safety investment by purchasing the NS® Hi-Vis Economy Safety Vest for their workers, while giving them the benefit of dependable safety supplies.  The NS® Hi-Vis Economy Safety Vest is a reliable...Read Full Article

Offer reliable, stylish eyewear to employees

Employees involved in construction, maintenance, manufacturing, or any work where there is a possibility of flying particles, need eye protection. Reduce the risk of eye injuries with the N-Specs® Riptide® Safety Glasses with Gray Lens....Read Full Article

Deliver safe breathing with effective Moldex 2200 respirators

Reduce exposure to airborne particulates with the Moldex 2200 N95 disposable particulate respirator. The molded nose bridge and attached straps deliver a secure, consistent fit and help employees remain comfortable ans safe. The Moldex 2200 N95...Read Full Article

Disposable coveralls provide comfortable protection in any environment

Many work environments require employees to wear protective clothing to avoid health hazards and possible contamination. Offering employees DuPont™ Tyvek® Disposable Coveralls with Hood, Elastic Wrists & Ankles can enhance safety and...Read Full Article

Nitrile gloves provide comfort and protection

Laboratory, assembly line, and industrial workers require hand protection to help keep them safe. Offering employees NS® FlexShield® Nitrile 5 Mil 9 1/2" Disposable Gloves can reduce workplace injury and health risks. NS®...Read Full Article

Lightweight safety glasses provide reliable option to workers in several industries

Finding an affordable, comfortable eye protection solution is now easier with N-Specs® Tridon® Safety Glasses with Clear Anti-Fog Lens. This eyewear delivers comfort, protection, and style to workers who perform tasks indoors and out....Read Full Article

Disposable ear plugs can help employees in loud workplaces

Protect workers from a noisy work environment with the NS® Soft Fit® Disposable Corded Foam Ear Plugs. They feature soft, comfortable non-allergenic foam construction and help keep workers safe. These ear plugs have an enhanced...Read Full Article

Increase workplace safety with reliable hand protection

Reduce the challenges involved when providing comfortable yet effective protection to workers. Northern Safety delivers a solution with NS® Economical Double Palm Leather Work Gloves with Rubberized Safety Cuff. The NS®...Read Full Article

Deliver essential visibility to traffic workers

Provide higher visibility for employees working in areas with complex backgrounds, in inclement weather, and workers that may have their attention drawn away from approaching vehicles with the NS® Hi-Vis Economy Class 2 Traffic Safety...Read Full Article

Disposable coveralls deliver comfortable, easy-to-wear safety option

Help employees stay safe and comfortable in the workplace or at the jobsite with Dupont™ Tyvek® Disposable Coveralls with Hood, Boots, and Elastic Wrists, even in the messiest situations. Dupont™ Tyvek® Disposable Coveralls with...Read Full Article

Complete heavy-duty tasks easily with flexible hand protection

Providing employees NS® premium shoulder leather palm work gloves with safety cuffs can help maintain safety and consistent productivity at any work site. Offer reliable hand protection to keep workers safe when handling heavy-duty tasks in a...Read Full Article

3M Push-Ins high-quality reusable ear protection

Keep workers safe from the hazards of excessive noise by supplying  3M E-A-R™ Push-Ins reusable corded ear plugs that provide effective hearing protection. Thanks to an innovative design, these plugs can be comfortably worn throughout...Read Full Article

Provide comfortable eye protection with stylish Nemesis® safety glasses

Enhance compliance by offering workers the sleek Jackson® Safety Nemesis® safety glasses with smoke lens. Workers appreciate the look of this glass and it helps protect against eye injuries. The glasses meet ANSI requirements, and come...Read Full Article

Enhance worksite communication with Motorola two-way radios

Many companies accept projects that require employees to complete tasks over an extended area. Keeping in touch is a priority for managers and workers, and the Motorola RDX Series™ On-Site Business Two-Way UHF, 2 Channel, 2 Watt Radio allows...Read Full Article

Get outstanding protection with heavy-duty grade leather gloves

Hand protection plays an important part in reducing workplace risks and improving employees' safety. NS® heavy-duty grade work gloves with double leather palms and safety cuffs to protect workers' hands in a varierty of industries. These gloves...Read Full Article

DeWALT® Protector™ safety glasses provide style and comfort in a clear lens

DeWALT® delivers an affordable solution in eye protection with a name you trust. Protector™safety glasses guard against impact and reduce the harmful effects of UV rays.The glasses are equipped with a sleek wraparound design that ensures...Read Full Article

Cordless Max Lite® low pressure ear plugs help reduce hearing loss

Worksites and workplaces can expose employees to loud noises that cause hearing damage. Reduce hearing loss with excellent hearing protection from Howard Leight. These cordless Max Lite® disposable ear plugs enhance workplace safety with a...Read Full Article

Affordable N-Specs® Tri-Star protect employees' vision

Reduce workplace injuries and help workers remain productive by providing N-Specs® Tri-Star® 200 adjustable safety glasses. This enhanced eyewear will keep workers safe in any indoor or outdoor environment. Supply eye protection that not...Read Full Article

Reduce workplace falls with Miller® TurboLite™ personal fall limiter

Help create a safer workplace with the Miller® by Honeywell TurboLite™ personal fall limiter (PFL). This lightweight, compact unit is an ideal option to shock absorbing lanyards and weighs only 1.9 lb.This PFL features a built-in swivel...Read Full Article

Improve head protection with adjustable NS® Power Shell® hard hats

Offer a product that delivers comfort and safety – NS® Power Shell® adjustable hard hat with Flex-Gear® ratchet suspension. This affordable head protection provides a reliable 4-point suspension and rain trough, and convenient...Read Full Article

Maximize protection from liquid spills with protective Tyvek® sleeve

Liquid spills, light splashes, and dry particulates can create messes in various work environments, but employers can obtain safety gear to enable employees to avoid these hazards. The Tyvek® Disposable Protective Sleeve offers a comfortable...Read Full Article

Disposable DuPont™ Tyvek® coveralls deliver comfort and safety

 Providing employees with DuPont™ Tyvek® disposable coveralls can help protect them from dry particles and non-hazardous light liquid...Read Full Article

Textured Microflex® gloves give workers maximum grip

Microflex® Diamond Grip Plus™ 6 Mil Powder-Free 9" latex exam gloves give employees comfortable hand protection that ensures a secure grip, while the 6.3 mil construction provides...Read Full Article

Quality and durability – NS® FlexShield® protective gloves

Deliver superior grip in wet and dry conditions with durable the 5 mil  NS® FlexShield® disposable latex exam gloves. Low powder makes these gloves easier to put on and provides a cooler fit. Experience the benefits of reliable...Read Full Article

Comfortable NS® respirator can help ensure employee safety

Deliver high-quality, reliable safety with the 9300 N95 Disposable Particulate Respirator with Exhalation Valve. Employers can enhance worker safety with resipiratory protection that offers a minimum 95 percent filter efficiency against solid and...Read Full Article

Protect against harmful organic vapors with North® by Honeywell respirator cartidges

Companies can use the North® by Honeywell organic vapors/P100 respirator cartridges to provide superior respiratory protection to workers throughout the day. These respirator cartridges delivers 99.97 percent efficienct against liquid,...Read Full Article

Help reduce workplace injuries with MSA V-Gard® hard hats

Minimize injuries that may occur on the job by providing reliable head protection – the MSA V-Gard® full brim hard hat with Fas-Trac® ratchet suspension. This lightweight hard hat delivers top-of-the-line performance, safety, and...Read Full Article

NS® Ruf-flex Lite's textured rubber coating offers durability and a superior grip

The affordable NS® Ruf-flex® Lite black nylon string knit gloves can protect employees' hands in a variety of environments thanks to the rubber coating. The NS® Ruf-flex® Lite Black Rubber Coated Nylon String Knit Gloves feature...Read Full Article

Guard against harmful welding fumes with 3M 8515 N95 disposable respirator

Ideal for workers soldering, brazing, welding, and performing other tasks that may expose them to metal fumes, the 3M 8515 N95 disposable particulate welding respirator provides superior protection and comfort employees will appreciate. The...Read Full Article

NS® Performer Plus rubber coated gloves deliver comfort and flexibility

Supply workers handling equipment and manufacturing materials with superior hand protection. The NS® Performer® Plus premium rubber coated work gloves help reduce injuries at the workplace while keeping employees' hands comfortable...Read Full Article

Lower costs with affordable, stylish safety glasses

N-Specs® Riptide® Safety Glasses with Clear Lens can help ensure workers' safety at an affordable price. The sporty, ultra-light frame is adjustable to deliver comfortable wear throughout the workday and the polycarbonate lenses include...Read Full Article

Comfortable leather palm gloves safeguard workers' hands

Finding quality products to protect a worker's health and safety is important. Provide NS® leather palm work gloves to help workers reduce abrasions, bruises, cuts, and blisters. The NS® Hand Protection Leather Palm Work Gloves with Safety...Read Full Article

3M Classic™ ear plugs limit harmful noise

Secure, comfortable hearing protection that guards against harmful noise while still allowing workers to verbally communicate is available with the 3M E-A-R™ Classic™ disposable uncorded ear plugs. These low pressure, slow-recovery PVC...Read Full Article

Tridon® eye protection improves safety

Provide clear lens N-Specs® Tridon® safety glasses to increase workers' safety in a variety of work environments. Employees will appreciate the comfort, and enjoy the sleek, stylish design. Tridon's lightweight frame includes padded temples...Read Full Article

Detect gas leaks quickly with state-of-the-art equipment

Gas leaks are preventable, but businesses need to consider their options when they determine the most effective methods to eliminate these hazards. The MSA ALTAIR® 4X Multi-Gas Detector with Gray Case - LEL, O2, CO, H2S provides a...Read Full Article

Maintain respiratory protection against harmful vapors with respirator cartridges

Providing employees respiratory protection with North® by Honeywell Organic Vapors/Acid Gases/P100 Respirator Cartridges is an excellent way to protect them in hazardous environments. The North® by Honeywell 7600, 5400, 7700, 5500...Read Full Article

Sleeve provides protection against incidental contact

Shield workers from accidental contact with open flame, hot materials, and sharp objects by providing the Kevlar® 2-Ply Heat and Cut Resistant Seamless 18" Sleeve with Thumb Hole. The Kevlar® 2-Ply Heat & Cut Resistant Seamless...Read Full Article

Help reduce fire risks in workplaces with Type II safety can

Safely store gasoline and other flammable liquids on-site with the Justrite® AccuFlow™ 5 Gallon Gas and Flammables Type II Red Safety Can with 1" D Hose. The Justrite AccuFlow™ 5 Gallon Gas & Flammables Type II Red Safety...Read Full Article

Enhance workplace safety with one of the smallest fall limiters available

Offer greater versatility with the Honeywell Scorpion™ Personal Fall Limiter with Carabiner and Swivel Shackle. The Scorpion™ PFL attaches directly to a harness D-ring for use as a personal fall limiter, and can also be used as a...Read Full Article

Hand protection with plastic dots gives workers a steady grip for added safety

Hand safety is a concern for employers in many industries, and the NS® Economical String Knit Work Gloves with Plastic Dots provide just the right amount of protection. Companies can take steps to reduce abrasions and provide an excellent grip...Read Full Article

Keep flammable liquids safe with a storage cabinet

Store flammable liquids more safely with the Eagle 45 Gallon Yellow Storage Cabinet for Flammable Liquids and Safety Cans with Manual Doors. This cabinet offers the perfect place to stow potentially hazardous items, while still providing a...Read Full Article

Provide protection against organic vapors

Provide employees with the North® by Honeywell Organic Vapors Respirator Cartridges that offer protection in work environments where organic vapors are present.  Air purifying respirators guard against hazardous particulates, gases,...Read Full Article

Deliver effective over-the-glass eye protection

Pyramex™ OTS® Over-the-Glass Safety Glasses with Clear Lens combine an excellent fit with lightweight comfort, allowing employees to perform tasks safely and more efficiently. The single lens design of Pyramex™ OTS®...Read Full Article

Hard hat helps protect workers

Protect workers with confidence by providing the NS® Power Shell® Adjustable Hard Hat with Pinlock Suspension. This cap style hard hat delivers high-quality head protection, while giving companies the opportunity to maintain...Read Full Article

Enjoy sleek, comfortable eye protection anywhere

Visitors and employees can take advantage of glasses with a state-of-the-art design when they wear N-Specs® Visitor Sport Safety Glasses with Indoor Outdoor Lens. The right eye protection can make a tremendous difference for workers indoors and...Read Full Article

Get extra warmth from heavily insulated work gloves

When employees work outdoors in frigid temperatures, they can stay safe with NS® Insulated Brown Jersey Work Gloves with Red Lining. Companies can choose these gloves to provide workers with extra warmth in cold weather. NS® Insulated Brown...Read Full Article

Rubber palm coated work gloves support workers in cold environments

Businesses can minimize the effects of extreme wind, rain, sleet, snow, and other inclement weather conditions on workers' hands by providing employees NS® Ruf-flex® Thermo Cold Temperature Rubber Palm Coated Work Gloves. These gloves...Read Full Article

Latex gloves help protect workers from a variety of chemicals

Give employees reliable hand protection with NS® 13" Neoprene Over Natural Latex 28-Mil Safety Gloves. These gloves include an array of features that help make them an effective choice for chemical protection in industrial, laboratory,...Read Full Article

Help keep work crews safe with a surveyor's vest

Give employees the ability to work safely any time in high-traffic areas by providing them with the NS® Class 2 Surveyor's Vest. This traffic vest is equipped with 3M Scotchlite™ Reflective Material striping, and is designed to...Read Full Article

Cut resistant work gloves can also help minimize hand fatigue

Employees working in assembly, manufacturing, and other types of industrial settings can be more productive with Showa® Best® 541 Cut Resistant Polyurethane Coated Gloves. This ANSI Level 2 cut protection provides several benefits that help...Read Full Article

Cleaning tissues help workers keep lenses dirt-free

Increase safety in manufacturing and industrial facilities, and at worksites with Bausch & Lomb Sight Savers® Non-Silicone, Anti-Fog Pre-Moistened Safety Glasses Lens Cleaning Tissues. Bausch & Lomb Sight Savers® Non-Silicone,...Read Full Article

Ointment packets can help limit on-the-job infections

Equip a workplace or worksite with handy antibacterial support by providing the Water-Jel® Triple Antibiotic First Aid Ointment Packets. The Water-Jel® Triple Antibiotic First Aid Ointment Packets, 144/Dispenser Box allows employees to...Read Full Article

Lightweight safety glasses deliver sporty look at economical price

When seeking versatile eye protection that works well indoors and out, N-Specs® Riptide® Sport Safety Glasses with Indoor Outdoor Lens offer a great looking solution. N-Specs® Riptide® Sport Safety Glasses with Indoor...Read Full Article

Maximize chemical splash protection with nitrile gloves

When a wet or dry grip is important to maximizing workplace safety, consider the NS® Chemical Resistant 11 Mil Nitrile Gloves. A top seller, these unlined gloves provide tactile sensitivity, while protecting against chemicals including...Read Full Article

Offer great protective clothing for warm work environments

Disposable, durable safety clothing doesn't get any better than NS® ActivGARD® 100 General Purpose Standard White Coveralls. A consistent top seller, these coveralls offer a comfortable option to protect against particulates in a...Read Full Article

Increase a cabinet's storage space with an extra shelf

Increase the ability to effectively manage flammable liquids, and get additional space with this NS® Extra Shelf for 60-Gallon Flammable Liquids Safety Storage Cabinets. Based on the height of containers in a storage cabinet, it's easy to...Read Full Article

Work gloves provide workers extra safety

Help limit finger, hand, and wrist injuries at workplaces by providing NS® Select Grade Double Leather Palm Work Gloves with Safety Cuff to workers. With an extra layer of select grade leather sewn on the palm, thumb, and index finger, these...Read Full Article

Shoulder leather makes hand protection an ideal choice

Rugged, versatile hand protection is available to workers at an affordable price with NS® Select Shoulder Leather Palm Work Gloves with Safety Cuffs. An ideal glove for construction, maintenance, farming, and general purpose use, NS® Select...Read Full Article

Choose hairnets to help prevent product contamination

Help manage product contamination with NS® ActivGARD® Disposable 21" Polypropylene Hairnets. Lightweight, breathable NS® ActivGARD Disposable 21" Polypropylene Hairnets help eliminate product contamination in a...Read Full Article

Contemporary, ultra sleek eye protection enhances workplace safety

Give workers cutting edge eye protection at a great price with N-Specs® Axel® Safety Glasses with Mirrored Lenses. These stylish glasses feature a nosepiece and temples that are made of a soft rubber to prevent slipping while providing...Read Full Article

Increase workplace safety with high-quality disposable vinyl gloves

Workers handling food or delicate equipment and tools will find daily tasks are easier with NS® FlexShield® Vinyl 5 Mil Powder-Free 9 1/2" Premium Disposable Vinyl Gloves. Laboratory and food service workers will appreciate a...Read Full Article

Polyurethane palm coating delivers protection and a great grip

Increase dexterity, sensitivity, and touch with high-quality NS® Polyurethane Palm Coated Black Nylon Gloves that protect workers' hands, while guarding against dirt, grime, and debris. Lightweight gloves feature knitwrist cuffs to keep...Read Full Article

Ergonomic sport utility gloves can help workers complete daily tasks

Sport utility means high performance and NS® Hydraulix Sport Utility Gloves provide high performance hand protection with superior comfort, dexterity, and a great grip and fit. NS® Hydraulix Sport Utility Gloves are ergonomically...Read Full Article

Leather gloves deliver comfort and affordability to employees

Increase safety with NS® Split Leather Driver's Gloves, an affordable alternative to high-cost hand protection. Offer NS® Split Leather Driver's Gloves to protect workers operating machinery and driving trucks. They feature slip-on...Read Full Article

String knit work gloves combine abrasion resistance and affordability

Provide employees affordable, high-quality hand protection that delivers effective abrasion resistance - NS® Premium String Knit Work Gloves with Plastic Dots. Safeguard workers' hands with NS® Premium String Knit Work Gloves with...Read Full Article

Avoid bumps and scrapes with Quick Fit gloves

Choose NS® Mechanics Quick Fit Gloves and help protect workers' hands from minor injuries. Workers will appreciate the comfortable, stretch knit Spandex® that is fast drying, breathable, and flexible, making movement...Read Full Article

Tackle heavy-duty work with double leather palm gloves

Tough jobs require gloves that can deliver great protection, durability, and comfort. Start saving more with longer lasting NS® Heavy-Duty Grade Double Leather Palm Work Gloves with Gauntlet Cuff. When it comes time to offer hand protection to...Read Full Article

Tough hand protection assures durability

Looking for form-fitting comfort in hand protection? Choose Showa® Best® N-DEX® 8 Mil Low Powder 10" Disposable Nitrile Gloves with Rolled Cuffs to safeguard workers' hands while delivering a tight grip. Provide three times the...Read Full Article

Roofer's kit gives workers convenience

Workers can perform projects on roofs with the assurance that they are using excellent fall protection - the NS® Bucket Roofer's Kit with Fall Protection Harness and Lanyard. Offer the NS® Bucket Roofer's Kit with Fall Protection Harness...Read Full Article

Enhance hand protection in high-risk work environments

Safeguard workers' hands with reliable Microflex® Ultra One® 13 Mil Powder-Free 11" Latex Gloves. This durable hand protection can make an immediate difference for workers in food service and manufacturing, EMS, automotive, lab, and...Read Full Article

Plastic dot string knit gloves an economical option to protect workers' hands

Trying to find dependable hand protection at a great price for workers completing projects indoors and out? These NS® Standard Plastic Dot String Knit Work Gloves can provide the perfect solution. NS® Standard Plastic Dot String Knit Work...Read Full Article

Alert oncoming traffic with this triangle kit

Provide drivers with a Highway Traffic Safety Warning Triangle Kit for use in the event of a breakdown, flat tire, or accident while on the road. This Highway Traffic Safety Warning Triangle Kit helps alert oncoming traffic to vehicles stopped...Read Full Article

Give workers a firm grip

Microflex® Diamond Grip™ 7 Mil Powder-Free 9" Latex Exam Gloves offer workers a comfortable, flexible option for hand protection when completing everyday tasks. Workers will appreciate the great fit and firm grip they receive with...Read Full Article

Protect workers from falls with self-retracting lanyard

The tough, lightweight MSA Aptura™ LT30 Self-Retracting 30' Lanyard helps avoid inconsistent lock-ups that employees might experience with other SRLs. This lanyard can help safeguard employees who need to perform tasks at heights. MSA...Read Full Article

Convenient fall protection kit assures compliance

Safeguard workers with enhanced fall protection - Protecta® Compliance in a Can®. Convenient fall protection kit includes full body harness, shock-pack lanyard, and bucket that keeps components together and protected from dirt, exposure to...Read Full Article

Enhance head and face protection with TASCO system

Give employees a system ideal for chain sawing, forestry, woodworking, and more with the TASCO Woodsman Forestry System. The set includes a hard hat with an easily adjustable 6-point ratchet suspension, ear muffs, and visor. Low profile T-2000...Read Full Article

Provide relief from chemical splash and debris

Give workers proper treatment against chemical splash and other hazards with the Fendall Pure Flow® 1000 Gravity-Fed Emergency Eye Wash Safety Station. This Pure Flow® eye wash station has a sure-grip handle for instant activation. This...Read Full Article

Respirator with Cool Flow™ Valve reduces heat and humidity in face masks

Deliver nuisance-level organic vapor relief with a 3M 8577 P95 Disposable Respirator. The 3M Cool Flow™ Valve reduces heat and humidity in face masks, making them more comfortable for workers.  This respirator has...Read Full Article

A compact, portable first aid kit

Bring first aid easily between job sites with the Northern Safety #10 Person Bulk First Aid Kit. It is lightweight and ideal for placement at any worksite or vehicle used on the job. The kit includes everything from aspirin and antiseptic to burn...Read Full Article

Durable lenses deliver excellent eye protection

Offer Jackson® Nemesis™ Safety Glasses to give workers stylish eye protection. The lenses have anti-fog coating to maintain clearer vision, and the lightweight frames, provide a comfortable fit to employees. Nemesis™ glasses deliver...Read Full Article

Soft pack convenience and first aid essentials

Give workers a convenient first aid kit that fits in a desk drawer, tool box, or vehicle - the Northern Safety Soft Pack First Aid Kit. This 118-piece kit is compact, has clear plastic compartments, and a zipper closure, which makes it...Read Full Article

Miller Revolution™ - comfortable, innovative fall protection

Provide workers with the versatile Miller Revolution™, a fall protection harness that has it all. Rated to 400 lbs., this harness incorporates a variety of features that users have requested. The harness has a universal size...Read Full Article

Safety glasses with rubber-coated temple ends to prevent slippage

Provide workers with safety glasses that protect against impact and UV rays - Pyramex™ Ztek®  Safety Glasses. These glasses have non-slip rubber coated temple ends that ensure they will not slip, even in hot, humid climates. The...Read Full Article

Full brim hard hat delivers a comfortable fit

Give workers a hard hat that offers extra protection with the NS® Power Shell® Full Brim Hard Hat. This hard hat has an adjustable Flex-Gear™ ratchet suspension, a low-trim profile that ensures it will comfortably stay in place...Read Full Article

SAF-T-TAPE® green finger wrap tape offers an alternative to bulky gloves

Provide hand protection that helps workers retain hand sensitivity - SAF-T-TAPE® Green Disposable Finger Wrap Tape. This disposable tape helps protect workers' hands while performing tasks on the job site. Finger wrap tape is ideal for...Read Full Article

Bright Moldex SparkPlugs® make compliance easy

Give workers hearing protection they can get excited about with the Moldex SparkPlugs® Corded Disposable Ear Plugs. These plugs are bright and fun, with swirled colors that help make compliance checks quick and easy. SparkPlugs® corded...Read Full Article

Honeywell Eyesaline® eye wash station is perfect in emergency situations

Increase response to emergencies with this easy to set up Honeywell Eyesaline® Emergency Eye Wash Station. Ideal for flushing out dust, pollen, saw dust, smoke, and more, it also serves as a great short-term treatment for employees on their way...Read Full Article

V-Gard® Fas-Trac® ratchet suspension is quick and easy to adjust

Maintain safety while ensuring employees can easily adjust their hard hats with the V-Gard® Fas–Trac® Replacement Ratchet Suspension. This suspension system provides greater control so workers can quickly put on and secure their...Read Full Article

Convenient, multi-purpose Amerex® 20 lb. dry chemical fire extinguisher

Offer employees fire safety equipment they can trust with the Amerex® 20 lb. ABC Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher. This fire extinguisher includes a wall bracket, making it easy to install in a variety of places.  This...Read Full Article

Avenger® safety glasses with Soft-Fit® temples offer protection, comfort, and style

Safeguard workers' eyes from UV rays, debris, flying particles, impact, and more with N-Specs® Avenger® Safety Glasses. The sporty wraparound mirrored lenses and frameless design make these glasses the ones that workers will want to wear....Read Full Article

NS® Soft Fit® LT 100 ear plugs are comfortable and easy to spot

Deliver excellent hearing protection to workers working around loud machinery or performing tasks in noisy environments - NS® Soft Fit® LT 100 ear plugs. These corded foam ear plugs offer NRR 31dB protection for employees in loud workplaces....Read Full Article

Guard against the cold with 4-in-1 adjustable winter head warmer

In cold, wintry weather, trust NS® to keep workers warm with the WeatherGARD® deluxe winter head warmer. This 4-in-1 adjustable head and face protection safeguards employees against snow, wind, and other cold conditions. The 4-In-1 winter...Read Full Article

Stylish, practical N-Specs® Readers Safety Glasses

Supply workers with safety glasses that help them read small print or perform detail work. N-Specs® Readers feature a fresh, up-to-date style and they enhance vision. These glasses have adjustable length temples and a ratchet inclination that...Read Full Article

Lightweight eye protection from Jackson® Safety

Encourage workers to wear eye protection with the stylish Jackson* Safety Nemesis* Safety Glasses.This lightweight glass features clear lenses that protect workers' eyes from impact and UV rays and come equipped with a free neck cord. Soft touch...Read Full Article

Keep gloves close with Glove Guard® holder clip

Give workers the ability to carry their gloves with them on the job. The Glove Guard® clip allows workers to keep gloves within easy reach by attaching to their belt loops or directly to clothing. The clip can help reduce glove loss and hand...Read Full Article

Corded NS® Soft Fit® Plus ear plugs increase compliance

Protect workers' hearing with tapered ear plugs that deliver a snug, custom fit - NS® Soft Fit® Plus Ear Plugs. This hearing protection is designed to provide an extra-soft, extra-comfortable fit. The ear plugs feature a non-allergenic foam...Read Full Article

Cost-effective, high-visibility safety vest

Keep your workers visible and easily identifiable with a lightweight, fluorescent safety vest. The bright color makes it easier to see workers. It features breathable, lightweight polyester mesh and a hook and loop front closure and elastic side...Read Full Article

Sleek, lightweight 3M Virtua™ safety glasses

When looking for superior indoor outdoor eye protection to protect workers' eyes against impact and harmful UV rays, choose 3M Virtua™ Safety Glasses. These glasses have a sleek, stylish design that workers will love. They feature flexible...Read Full Article

NS® Highlander® is fall protection workers can rely on

Provide workers with fall protection that is durable and affordable. NS® Highlander® full body harness features webbing with a 6,200 lb. breaking strength for reliable protection when working at heights. The harness is adjustable at five...Read Full Article

Convenient, comfortable SmartFit® reusable ear plugs

Safeguard workers' hearing with reusable ear plugs that feature a detachable fabric cord for corded or uncorded use . Howard Leight SmartFit® reusable ear plugs offer a custom fit that workers will appreciate. Made with a patented Comforming...Read Full Article

Quality, affordable NS® industrial grade disposable latex gloves

Protect workers with hand protection that provides a snug fit and is affordable. NS® Disposable Latex Gloves offer extra tactile sensitivity for workers who complete delicate tasks. These gloves are lightly powdered and feature a beaded cuff...Read Full Article

Ansell HyFlex® Lightweight Dyneema® gloves provide all-day comfort

Give workers gloves that naturally mold to the hands - Ansell HyFlex® Lightweight Dyneema® Gloves. This hand protection combines safety and comfort, making it easier for workers to handle small, sharp parts. The lightweight and ergonomic...Read Full Article

Miller ManHandler™ and tripod system helps ensure safety for confined space workers

Help workers safely complete tasks in confined spaces with the lightweight, durable ManHandler™ two-way hoist and tripod system. This equipment provides effortless lifting and lowering into and out of confined spaces. The hoist has a 5:1 gear...Read Full Article

Eagle 5-gallon can for safe storage of diesel fuel

Looking for a 5-gallon storage can that is durable and corrosion-resistant? The two-piece, no weld construction of the Eagle 5 Gallon Type I yellow galvanized steel safety can has no side seams, helping ensure diesel fuel won't leak. The 24-gauge...Read Full Article

NS® headgear offers fast, easy adjustment

Workers will appreciate lightweight headgear that provides superior protection. The NS® ratchet headgear adjusts quickly and easily to comfortably fit workers and, with a visor attached, guards against impact and flying particles. This...Read Full Article

Showa® Best® disposable nitrile gloves offer snug fit and excellent grip

When workers need quality, powder-free nitrile gloves at a great price, rely on Showa® Best® dsposable nitrile gloves. These gloves have a 4 mil thickness or reliable protection and feature a pebbled texture for a superb grip. The 9 1/2"...Read Full Article

N-Specs® Venom Riders offer style and comfort

Workers will appreciate eye protection that is versatile and stylish – N-Specs® Venom Riders with gray lenses. They have a removable, padded foam seal that prevents debris and moisture from reaching the eyes and helps keep vision clear. The...Read Full Article

Heavyweight green vinyl gloves are chemical resistant

Workers will appreciate heavyweight hand protection that provides excellent fingertip sensitivity. Economical green vinylchemical resistant gloves are made from industrial-grade vinyl and feature rolled cuffs for increased strength. These...Read Full Article

Rechargeable, affordable First Alert® multipurpose fire extinguisher

Supply workers with a fire extinguisher that is tough and easy to use - the First Alert® Multipurpose Fire Extinguisher. It features an easy-to-read pressure gauge and can be mounted to a wall for quick access. The fire extinguisher has a...Read Full Article

First Aid Only™ kit that exceeds OSHA standards

Be fully compliant with federal standards with the First Aid Only™ ANSI and OSHA Complete Compliance Package. It comes with first aid, bloodborne pathogen, personal protection, and CPR supplies. This package contains first aid supplies that...Read Full Article

Developed with help from real pole climbers – the DBI SALA® Cynch-Lok™ delivers

Hitch-hiking poles and getting around pole climbing obstacles safely is easier with the Cynch-Lok™ wood pole fall restricting device. During a climb, the exterior strap allows one-hand adjustments. The roller adjustment conveniently slides into...Read Full Article

Lenses and Coatings for Safety Eyewear

Choosing the right lens coating or lens color for your safety goggles or glasses is an important part of any safety program. What’s the best lens coating for your job site? Here’s a breakdown of different coatings and what...Read Full Article

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