Portable fire extinguisher basics

Fires can be dangerous and costly, and a portable fire extinguisher can be an effective tool to help control or put out early-stage fires. Fire extinguishers are classified by the type of fire they will extinguish and include: • Class A:...Read Full Article

EPA’s Top Tips for Breathing Easier in Hot, Smoky Conditions

According to doctors and researchers, the biggest health threat posed by breathing smoke is from the fine particles, which can lodge deep in the lungs, making it difficult or impossible for the lungs to expel them naturally over time. These...Read Full Article

Fire Prevention Month

Fires are scary, dangerous, and costly. Preventing injuries and destruction that result from worksite fires must be a priority for all workers and employers. Having a fire prevention policy in place, along with choosing the right equipment to...Read Full Article

Forest Fire Prevention

Forests are a national treasure. They provide homes to wildlife, trails for hikers to explore, along with oxygen for us to breathe. When a forest fire occurs, people, businesses, animals, and residences are in danger along with acres of trees....Read Full Article

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