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Best ergonomic practices for those with desk jobs

There's little need to consult a health expert - most people who work a nine-to-five desk job are well aware of the physical toll that excessive sitting can take on their bodies. 

Desk sitting and typing are less imminent workplace dangers than heavy machinery or unwieldy forklifts. However, the slow and steady damage resulting from carpal tunnel syndrome or lack of exercise can take an equally devastating toll on the body. That's why it's so important to stay in motion throughout the workday and give proper attention to cramped wrists and hands.

Make it a point to get up for short breaks, at least once every hour. Experts agree that even a minute or two spent walking around can significantly aid in reducing physical strain.

There are also a few easy-to-implement ways to stay healthy while you type.

If your wrists start to feel sore from typing, use safety products such as a wrist wrap to provide much-needed support while you work. Taking short breaks from typing may help to alleviate the tension, but it's generally more effective to squeeze a rubber stress ball periodically, rotating your wrists, and using a small weight to strengthen your wrist muscles.

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