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Three workplace safety reminders

Workplace safety depends on multiple factors. One main element is  employee awareness. Paying attention to surrounding and people in the vicinity can reduce the risk of accidents on the job. To facilitate safety, employees that work in hazardous environments should remember these three phrases and the lessons they teach.

Head on a swivel
This phrase is used by coaches and athletes in many sports and simply reminds a worker to always look around. Employees should check their surroundings whenever possible so that they can quickly become familiar with their environment. Without a proper sense of the equipment and fixtures nearby, the risk of accident and injury increases.

Look twice, move once
Whenever moving through an area with machinery or activity, workers need to look for common warehouse dangers. Conveyor belts, forklifts, and loading docks are particularly dangerous and should be checked twice to make sure that they're not moving before walking near them.

Slow down
No matter how fast employees want to work, jobs that people do in potentially hazardous places can never be done too slowly. It is a good idea for all workers to occasionally take stock of their speed and ask themselves, "Am I moving too quickly?" Moving too fast leads to carelessness and accidents.

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