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Six Safety Tips for Raking Leaves
The good news: changing leaves on deciduous trees are a beloved part of autumn. Shades of gold, red, and orange are a beautiful sight on your commute. 

The bad news: these leaves don’t just change. They also fall onto your lawn. 

Is raking leaves part of your fall duties? If so, follow these safety tips:

Dress in layers: It may be chilly when you start to rake, but you’ll warm up with the physical activity. If you do discard a layer, put it on a porch or bring it indoors. Dropping it on the ground welcomes crawling bugs.
Stretch before you start to rake: Warm up your muscles, especially in the back, knees, shoulders, wrists, and neck.
Stay hydrated: Drink water, even in cooler temperatures.
Wear gloves: Protect your hands from blisters.
Lift properly: Wet leaves can be heavy. Keep your back straight and bend with the knees and hips.
Take short breaks: People forget how tough raking can be. Rest, stretch, and catch your breath.
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