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8 Tips for Safer Snow Shoveling

It seems everyone has a different opinion of snow. Falling snow is pretty to some. It delivers a fun, wintry landscape for those outdoor enthusiasts among us. And if there’s a snow day, you might hear an explosion of absolute glee. 

But most people agree that shoveling it is a chore. 

Part of the hassle is that shoveling is hard work. It places stress on your heart, muscles, and joints. Because of this, always consult a doctor to assure you’re up to it. 

 If shoveling snow is on your to-do list this winter, do it safely. Follow these tips before you head out the door:

  1. Stretch before you begin
  2. Push the snow, rather than lift it
  3. Dress for the weather in layers
  4. Take frequent breaks
  5. When a big snow is predicted, shovel early and often to lighten the load and prevent heavy build-up
  6. Choose a shovel that’s appropriate for your height
  7. Don’t shovel after eating or smoking
  8. Don’t over-work your back
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