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Watch out for icy, slippery conditions

It’s January, and for a lot of regions in the US, that means tricky weather conditions. A winter storm forecast from Mother Nature can include sleet, wind, snow, and ice. Ice is great for a hockey game, but presents some problems when you’re trying to walk down the sidewalk or even to your mailbox. 

There are some simple, practical ways to prevent injuries in icy conditions.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination, so that you’re not tempted to rush
  • Spread de-icer on surfaces
  • Wear footwear with good traction and carry your office footwear in your bag
  • Take short steps and walk at a slower pace 
  • Be aware of black ice… harder to see but just as slick
  • Use handrails when walking on stairs
  • Don’t text or read while walking
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