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Hurricane Preparedness
The peak of Atlantic Hurricane Season is August to October. Damaging winds, heavy rainfall, and power outages may occur. What can you do to prepare? 

Know your hurricane risk: even if you don’t live in a coastal state, rain and wind could have a major impact.

Make an emergency plan: take into account for how the locations of your office, school, or day care center affects it. Ensure everyone in your household understands your plan.  

Gather supplies: put together enough necessities for your household and don’t forget medications, pet supplies, and special needs for seniors and those with disabilities. Pack it all in a go bag or in the trunk of your car.

Know your evacuation zone: learn your evacuation routes, practice with the members of your household and pets, and identify where you will stay.

Recognize warnings and alerts: ensure access to receive alerts in your area.

Review important documents: double check that your insurance policies are up to date. Make copies and store them in a secure, password-protected digital space.

Strengthen your home: declutter drains and gutters, bring in outside furniture, and consider installing hurricane shutters

Be tech ready: keep your cell phone charged when you know a hurricane is approaching and purchase back-up charging devices.

Help your neighbors: check with neighbors, senior adults, or those who may need additional help in securing their hurricane plans.

Prepare your business: formulate a business continuity plan to continue operating when disaster strikes.

Learn more at ready.gov.
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