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Safe Weed Trimmer Use
There are usually spots in the lawn that a mower can’t reach. Taking care of these grassy and weeded areas around the home is an arduous but important part of yard maintenance. A weed trimmer is the go-to tool for this job. As with all outdoor power equipment, following the manufacturer’s instructions and practicing good common sense prevents injuries.

Clothing: choose solid shoes/boots, long pants, and relatively tight-fitting clothes. Loose garments and long hair can get caught in moving parts of the trimmer.
Protect yourself: wear safety glasses, gloves, ear plugs/muffs, and a visor. Utilizing shoulder straps or anti-vibration gloves will ease fatigue. If working near a road or parking lot, wear a hi-vis safety vest.
Check the weather: avoid trimming on wet grass to prevent slips and falls.
Before you start: read the trimmer’s manual, ensure all safety guards are in place, and use the correct fuel mixture if using a gas trimmer. 
Fueling: only add fuel when engine is cool.
Prep the area: clear debris like stones, wire, and sticks. Don’t trim around other people, and stop the engine if a car, pet, or person approaches.
Operation: keep cutter beneath knee height. Use both hands and keep a firm grip. Do not make adjustments while engine is running. Swing trimmer in a smooth motion. Stop the engine prior to setting it down.
If trimmer gets tangled: stop the engine immediately.
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