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A Safety Alert: Powered Haulage Accidents

Did you know that accidents and fatalities involving hauling equipment at mining operations continue to occur at a disproportionately high rate in the US?

According to the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA), collisions and struck by incidents at surface and underground mines happen frequently every year. Shuttle cars, pick-up trucks, scoops, front end loaders, locomotives, and service trucks are important features of any mining site, but do present serious hazards. Both employees and contractors must be mindful of them.

MSHA recommends these best practices:

  • Always know where others are at the worksite and communicate with them 
  • Stay clear of powered haulage equipment blind spots
  • Set  mobile equipment parking brakes and chock the wheels when vehicles are unattended
  • Establish safe traffic patterns and rules
  • Use proximity detection/collision avoidance systems
  • Ensure that seat belts are kept in good condition and worn at all times
  • Before beginning work or removing guards, ensure that conveyors are deenergized, locked, tagged, and blocked against motion
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