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Accident Prevention Benefits Everyone

Reducing accidents in the workplace is a serious issue. Accidents lead to a loss of productivity, lower morale among other employees, and large financial implications. In 2020, there were 4,113 preventable injury-related deaths–a decrease from 2016, but still an alarmingly high number.  Avoiding 100% of accidents is impossible, but there are numerous ways to minimize their numbers.
Know the hazards by evaluating workspaces from top to bottom.

  • Always keep equipment and workplace operations up to date.
  • Talk to employees and learn their safety concerns–businesses see the most success in improving workplace safety when leadership and employees work together.
  • Whenever new equipment or operations are added, make sure to analyze these for risks as well.
  • If a hazard is detected, seek to remove or control them by fixing or completely replacing equipment, adding new safety measures, or changing workplace ergonomics.
  • Always make sure the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is being used.

Implement training, as it’s imperative that employees know about workplace safety and how to properly identify hazards.

  • Include safety training by competent professionals as a part of employee onboarding to ensure associates will go into the job knowing the role they play in keeping themselves and others safe.
  • Refresher courses in training should also be offered on a regular basis.
  • Keep records of training attendance—this will help to know who is up to date with training and who is not.

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