GHS – the new rule, deadlines, safety data sheets, and training

As the new Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulation 29 CFR 1910.1200, moves industries into the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), chemical manufacturers and importers will be...Read Full Article

Lightweight eye protection from Jackson® Safety

Encourage workers to wear eye protection with the stylish Jackson* Safety Nemesis* Safety Glasses.This lightweight glass features clear lenses that protect workers' eyes from impact and UV rays and come equipped with a free neck cord. Soft touch...Read Full Article

Keep gloves close with Glove Guard® holder clip

Give workers the ability to carry their gloves with them on the job. The Glove Guard® clip allows workers to keep gloves within easy reach by attaching to their belt loops or directly to clothing. The clip can help reduce glove loss and hand...Read Full Article

Millions awarded by EPA in research fellowships

On Wednesday November 14, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it had awarded more than $5.3 million in research fellowships to 126 students that were attending college for environmental studies. The EPA said there were 39 Greater...Read Full Article

Cost-effective, high-visibility safety vest

Keep your workers visible and easily identifiable with a lightweight, fluorescent safety vest. The bright color makes it easier to see workers. It features breathable, lightweight polyester mesh and a hook and loop front closure and elastic side...Read Full Article

Sleek, lightweight 3M Virtua™ safety glasses

When looking for superior indoor outdoor eye protection to protect workers' eyes against impact and harmful UV rays, choose 3M Virtua™ Safety Glasses. These glasses have a sleek, stylish design that workers will love. They feature flexible...Read Full Article

NS® Highlander® is fall protection workers can rely on

Provide workers with fall protection that is durable and affordable. NS® Highlander® full body harness features webbing with a 6,200 lb. breaking strength for reliable protection when working at heights. The harness is adjustable at five...Read Full Article

Convenient, comfortable SmartFit® reusable ear plugs

Safeguard workers' hearing with reusable ear plugs that feature a detachable fabric cord for corded or uncorded use . Howard Leight SmartFit® reusable ear plugs offer a custom fit that workers will appreciate. Made with a patented Comforming...Read Full Article

Miller ManHandler™ and tripod system helps ensure safety for confined space workers

Help workers safely complete tasks in confined spaces with the lightweight, durable ManHandler™ two-way hoist and tripod system. This equipment provides effortless lifting and lowering into and out of confined spaces. The hoist has a 5:1 gear...Read Full Article

Eagle 5-gallon can for safe storage of diesel fuel

Looking for a 5-gallon storage can that is durable and corrosion-resistant? The two-piece, no weld construction of the Eagle 5 Gallon Type I yellow galvanized steel safety can has no side seams, helping ensure diesel fuel won't leak. The 24-gauge...Read Full Article

NS® headgear offers fast, easy adjustment

Workers will appreciate lightweight headgear that provides superior protection. The NS® ratchet headgear adjusts quickly and easily to comfortably fit workers and, with a visor attached, guards against impact and flying particles. This...Read Full Article

Survey from ISEA aims to understand public opinion on industry trade shows

Every year, representatives from safety equipment companies and members of the nation's safety regulatory organizations gather at industry trade shows all over the country. Now, the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) is asking for...Read Full Article

First Aid Only™ kit that exceeds OSHA standards

Be fully compliant with federal standards with the First Aid Only™ ANSI and OSHA Complete Compliance Package. It comes with first aid, bloodborne pathogen, personal protection, and CPR supplies. This package contains first aid supplies that...Read Full Article

Protect workers from grain bin suffocation

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is bringing attention to the hazards of grain handling and states that suffocation is the leading cause of death in grain bins. Employees can be buried or trapped by grain within seconds, and...Read Full Article

Ensure workers' safety in high-traffic work zones

Construction, demolition, emergency response, utility workers, and other employees working in traffic areas could be at the risk of being struck by moving vehicles. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration...Read Full Article

Help flood cleanup workers avoid dangers

Cleanup projects can be dangerous, and flooding can make conditions hazardous for workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has published tips to help flood cleanup employees stay safe. • Take regular breaks if...Read Full Article

Protect shipyard cutters and welders against radiant energy

Eye protection is necessary for workers who cut or weld in shipyards. Electromagnetic energy, often referred to as radiant energy or light radiation, is given off by an arc or flame and can injure workers' eyes making helmets or...Read Full Article

The dangers of internal combustion engines as ignition sources

Internal combustion engines can be hazardous if used in facilities that process flammable gases and liquids. An internal combustion engine could ignite flammable gases or vapors, and the consequences could be devastating. The Occupational Safety...Read Full Article

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