Young Drivers at Work: Keep Them Safe

Driving is an important part of daily life at many businesses–from tow truck operations and construction, to logistics, delivery services, and more. What if the driver is young? Young drivers, aged 16-24, are gaining experience and...Read Full Article

Fire Prevention Month

Fires are scary, dangerous, and costly. Preventing injuries and destruction that result from worksite fires must be a priority for all workers and employers. Having a fire prevention policy in place, along with choosing the right equipment to...Read Full Article

Fire Prevention Month: Fire Extinguishers at Work

Fire extinguishers are one of the first lines of defense against workplace fires. When choosing a fire extinguisher, it’s important to know what types of combustible material you have in your facility. Fire extinguishers are categorized...Read Full Article

Fire Prevention Month: Safe Storage of Flammable Liquids

Fires can erupt from common flammable liquids, from gasoline and kerosene to oil and paint. If you have combustible liquids in your facility, it’s crucial that you choose the right cabinet to safely store them. Here are a few things...Read Full Article

Tips for a Safe Halloween

Halloween is a fun, exciting night for children. To keep everyone happy and safe, the American Academy of Pediatrics provides some helpful tips.Costumes:When shopping for costumes, look for labels clearly showing that it’s...Read Full Article

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