MSHA: Winter Alert Campaign Continues Until March

MSHA’s annual Winter Alert campaign reminds miners and mine operators of the increased hazards of colder weather.When the barometric pressure drops during colder weather, methane can migrate more easily into the mine atmosphere, increasing the...Read Full Article

Landslides and Debris Flow

Landslides can occur quickly, often with little notice, and the best way to prepare is to stay informed about changes in and around your home that could signal that a landslide is likely to occur.In a landslide, masses of rock, earth, or debris move...Read Full Article

Signs Make Your Workplace Safer

Every workplace has hazards. Workers need to be aware of the specific hazards of their work area, as well as those in other areas of the facility. Signs are an important component of every workplace. They remind workers of safe work practices, and...Read Full Article

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