Honeywell® Eyesaline® eye wash station - a convenient solution

Ready-to-use Honeywell® Eyesaline® eye wash stations are a great option for improving eye protection at many workplaces, including construction sites and industrial facilities. When an eye injury occurs, this station can provide immediate...Read Full Article

Medique® Medi-Lyte electrolyte tablets can help control heat stress

Excessive sweating can cause employees to lose important minerals their bodies need to function properly. Safeguard workers in hot weather by offering heat stress relief with Medi-Lyte electrolyte tablets. Each tablet contains calcium carbonate,...Read Full Article

Keep workers cool with NS® Kool Downs bandanas

Help keep work crews comfortable and productive in hot, humid weather with NS® Kool Downs bandanas. This bandana covers worker's head and neck from hot, damaging sun rays and provides long-lasting, cooling relief. Just soak the bandana in cold...Read Full Article

Create shelter quickly with a Shax® 6000 utility tent

Designed for instant set-up, the Shax® 6000 utility tent provides quick, durable shelter at jobsites. This 10' x 10' tent offers exceptional coverage for work crews while a double vent at the top delivers outstanding air...Read Full Article

NS® Kool Downs offer instant, long-lasting relief from the heat

Looking for an easy way to keep workers cool? NS® Kool Downs cooling bands can be worn on employees’ heads or necks to provide relief from the heat and help workers feel more comfortable. Simply soak the band in cold water for 10-15...Read Full Article

Keep workers refreshed with Sqwincher® Sqweeze freezer pops

When the weather is hot and humid, workers will be thankful for Sqwincher® Sqweeze freezer pops. These delicious pops quench thirst and help keep crews hydrated when working in high heat. Each Sqwincher® Sqweeze pop has the electrolytes and...Read Full Article

Easily access hundreds of essential first aid items

Provide workers with quick and easy access to a huge variety of first aid essentials by stocking facilities and vehicles with Genuine First Aid® ANSI #50 first aid kits. Whether you take it with you, or install it permanently in one place, this...Read Full Article

Reduce infection with Water-Jel® triple antibiotic ointment packets

Help heal minor workplace wounds and reduce the risk of infection in scrapes, cuts, and burns. Water-Jel® triple antibiotic first aid ointment comes in handy packets and contains active ingredients that offer the best performing antibiotics...Read Full Article

Quickly access first aid supplies with a Medi-First® Medique® cabinet

Prepare for emergencies by ensuring first aid supplies can be found quickly. Equip the workplace with a convenient, well-stocked Medi-First® Medique® three-shelf first aid cabinet. This kit is a great choice for shipping and receiving...Read Full Article

Easily replenish electrolytes with Sqwincher® Zero Qwik Stiks

Sqwincher® Zero Qwik Stiks offer a convenient, sugar-free, calorie-free instant drink that helps replenish essential elements workers’ bodies may lose to heat, fatigue, and stress. 

 This low-sodium drink tastes great and is full of...Read Full Article

Plum covered eye wash station is ideal for dusty workplaces

The Plum double saline eye wash station with cover is a sterile, hygienic solution for quickly rinsing away irritants, toxins, and contaminants. Form-fitting eye cups deliver a gentle but effective rinse, providing outstanding eye relief when...Read Full Article

A Northern Safety #25 Person First Aid Kit provides safety on the go

First aid kits are a necessity for keeping employees safe and healthy. When you're looking for the best value in a first aid kit, the Northern Safety #25 Person First Aid Kit is just what you need. This kit is ideal for a variety of workplaces, and...Read Full Article

Northern Safety adds Haws® Axion™ EyePOD™ in 2012

Leading safety and industrial equipment supplier Northern Safety recently announced the addition of the Haws® Axion™ MSR EyePOD™ to its product line for 2012. This Haws® eye wash offers an easy-to-install faucet-mount solution...Read Full Article

Protect workers providing CPR and biohazard cleanups with the right kit

Accidents and injuries can occur at any time in a workplace, and employers can stay prepared with the First Aid Only™ Bloodborne Pathogen Personal Protection Kit with CPR Pack. This first aid package offers the safety tools and supplies...Read Full Article

Keep employees hydrated throughout the workday

Staying hydrated can help keep workers in construction, manufacturing, and other industries productive. Northern Safety offers the Gatorade® 2 1/2 Gallon Instant Powder Mix Variety Pack to reduce workplace dehydration and fatigue. The...Read Full Article

Ointment packets can help limit on-the-job infections

Equip a workplace or worksite with handy antibacterial support by providing the Water-Jel® Triple Antibiotic First Aid Ointment Packets. The Water-Jel® Triple Antibiotic First Aid Ointment Packets, 144/Dispenser Box allows employees to...Read Full Article

Provide relief from chemical splash and debris

Give workers proper treatment against chemical splash and other hazards with the Fendall Pure Flow® 1000 Gravity-Fed Emergency Eye Wash Safety Station. This Pure Flow® eye wash station has a sure-grip handle for instant activation. This...Read Full Article

A compact, portable first aid kit

Bring first aid easily between job sites with the Northern Safety #10 Person Bulk First Aid Kit. It is lightweight and ideal for placement at any worksite or vehicle used on the job. The kit includes everything from aspirin and antiseptic to burn...Read Full Article

Soft pack convenience and first aid essentials

Give workers a convenient first aid kit that fits in a desk drawer, tool box, or vehicle - the Northern Safety Soft Pack First Aid Kit. This 118-piece kit is compact, has clear plastic compartments, and a zipper closure, which makes it...Read Full Article

Honeywell Eyesaline® eye wash station is perfect in emergency situations

Increase response to emergencies with this easy to set up Honeywell Eyesaline® Emergency Eye Wash Station. Ideal for flushing out dust, pollen, saw dust, smoke, and more, it also serves as a great short-term treatment for employees on their way...Read Full Article

First Aid Only™ kit that exceeds OSHA standards

Be fully compliant with federal standards with the First Aid Only™ ANSI and OSHA Complete Compliance Package. It comes with first aid, bloodborne pathogen, personal protection, and CPR supplies. This package contains first aid supplies that...Read Full Article

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