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Risk Reduction Tips for Your Warehouse

Warehouses are big, busy places with both people and heavy equipment moving around in the same area. This fast-paced environment can be prone to accidents at any time of the day or night. Sound safety practices can help you minimize accidents and will pay off in lower worker injuries, reduced workers’ compensation costs, increased productivity, and higher morale. 

After taking a good look at their warehouse space, employers can reduce accidents and injuries with aisle markings and tapes, high visibility traffic cones, and high visibility clothing.

Keep Aisles Clearly Marked

As often as possible, warehouse managers should create separate aisles and walkways that are free from forklift traffic, and thereby safer for workers and other pedestrians, including visitors. These designated walkways will emphasize safety and reduce injuries and accidents. There are many ways to designate walkways, including high-visibility cones, marking tapes, and striping paint.

Furthermore, in 29CFR 1910.22 (b)(2), OSHA regulates that “Permanent aisles and passageways shall be appropriately marked.” Painted lines, striping tapes, and floor signs create visibility and will work in most warehouses, because floors are generally made from a smooth material like concrete. Striping tapes also eliminate the downtime associated with painting floors. These markings are also easy to install. In addition, using yellow or yellow with black striping draws more visibility and increases safety for everyone, from the forklift drivers to maintenance workers to visitors.

Reduce Slips and Falls

According to the National Safety Council, more than 300,000 injuries and 1,500 deaths each year result from slip, trip, and fall accidents. Grit-impregnated coatings can reduce these incidents. They are also easy to install on a variety of flooring types, and their durable surface stands up to heavy foot traffic.

High Visibility Clothing

For those workers operating heavy equipment, it may be hard to see others in the vicinity, and high visibility clothing can make the difference in keeping people safe. High visibility clothing lets workers be seen and is especially helpful in areas where lighting may be poor. 

Preventative measures go a long way to keeping your warehouse areas safe and reducing accidents and injuries.

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