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Skin Care for Food Industry Workers

Occupational dermatitis is an ongoing issue for food workers and managers alike. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that occupational skin disorders, such as dermatitis, affect about millions of workers annually....Read Full Article

Prevent Contact Burns

A contact burn is a burn caused by touching a hot object. Around 70,000 people visited hospital emergency rooms in 2019 for this type of painful burn. To avoid these injuries, the American Burn Association (ABA) offers these helpful tips:Stand...Read Full Article

Protect Your Feet As You Work

Anyone in the railroad industry who has had a sprained ankle, a bone spur, or a broken toe knows the inconvenience that comes with a bandaged foot, a cast, or crutches. At work, the right footwear protects against common hazards like heavy objects,...Read Full Article

Safer Tree and Limb Removal

Trees have a way of growing near power lines.Unfortunately, workers are killed and injured every year while performing tree care, including trimming limbs and removing old, diseased trees. Crews assigned to the arduous task of trimming and felling...Read Full Article

The Effects of Heat and Humidity on Workers

For those working outdoors on power lines or city sewer systems, hot temperatures and high humidity pose health risks. The risks are higher if performing strenuous tasks, being new to working in extreme heat, or if wearing non-breathable protective...Read Full Article

Working Around Diesel Exhaust

Workers in railroad and many other industries may use diesel to power vehicles and equipment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) stresses the need to properly control diesel exhaust because of health issues that can be caused...Read Full Article

Get the right respirator for your vehicle plant team

Dust, dirt, and other particulates are often found in the air around plants that manufacture specialty vehicles. This can make it difficult, uncomfortable, and unhealthy for workers to perform their jobs. That's why employers must provide the right...Read Full Article

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